[TESTING] Kodi 18 (Leia) builds for Vero 2 & 4K

Update: When OSMC stable is released it will be based on 18.1. The Nightly builds are now at 18.2RC1 so in order to avoid confusion its time to bump the nightly releases to 18.8

This requires that you update your sources.list and point to gmc-19. (See Installing below)

If you run the nightly 18.8 builds you will not automatically upgrade to 18.1 stable when it’s released (As the build number will be lower)

OSMC Test Builds for Kodi 18 for Vero 2 & 4K - Stretch

Based on the Kodi master Leia (v18)

If you are having issues with updating this is due to the aptly certificate expiring. You will need to download and install the new public cert:

wget -qO - http://download.osmc.tv/dev/gmc-19/public/pubkey.asc | sudo apt-key add -


Kodi 18 is currently in RC2 and there is likely to be a lot of activity in the coming weeks/months. As these are beta builds expect some issues.

If you are looking for a stable system then these builds are not for you!

Before proceeding make sure you have a backup of your Vero. As these are test builds there could well be some unexpected problems.

Database upgrades could also be an issue. Please make a backup of the Kodi database before installing, especially if you are running a remote MySQL database.


You need a working system in order to install these test builds. If you do not have OSMC already installed then go to https://osmc.tv/download/ to install the latest stable version.

As the nightlies are now built on Debian Stretch you will first need to upgrade your OS to Stretch.

The latest OSMC stable release (Jan 2018) is now on Stretch so best would be to upgrade to this and then you are ready to install the nightly.

Update apt source list to get the latest nightly:

sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list

Then add
deb http://download.osmc.tv/dev/gmc-19/public gmc-19 main

Save and exit file.

Import gpg certificate:

wget -qO - http://download.osmc.tv/dev/gmc-19/public/pubkey.asc | sudo apt-key add -

Finally run update and dist-upgrade to install latest nightly.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Going back to Stable branch

If you leave gmc-18 in your source file you will no longer receive any nightlies. The next update you get will be the stable version 18.1

You can also delete this line from your sources.list file:

deb http://download.osmc.tv/dev/gmc-18 gmc-18 main


When new updates are released you can either update using MyOSMC or manually with the following commands:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

To confirm which version you are running:

dpkg -l | grep mediacenter-osmc | awk '{ print $3 }'

Check which versions are available should you wish to install a previous version:

apt-cache madison vero3-mediacenter-osmc

Install previous versions:

 sudo apt-get install vero3-mediacenter-osmc=17.8-138

After upgrading to each new nightly chances are good that it will crash once (sad face). Kodi will auto restart and resume again as normal. This is a known issue


Since we are in alpha there could be a lot of incompatibilities with skins and addons. To resolve these its best taking the issue up with the addon developer.

If you have any issues with OSMC please provide debug logs. Most problems are almost impossible to fix if we don’t have the debug logs.

How to submit a useful support request


Known Issues

  • Hostname not syncing between Kodi and device

Current Build

18.8-23, 10 April 2019

Previous Builds

18.8-22, 10 April 2019
18.8-21, 9 April 2019
18.8-20, 8 April 2019
18.8-19, 6 April 2019
18.8-18, 4 April 2019
18.8-17, 4 April 2019
18.8-16, 3 April 2019
18.8-15, 2 April 2019
18.8-14 Skipped
18.8-13, 30 March 2019
18.8-12, 29 March 2019
18.8-11, 28 March 2019
18.8-10, 27 March 2019
18.8-9, 24 March 2019
18.8-8, 22 March 2019
18.8-7, 21 March 2019
18.8-6, 20 March 2019
18.8-5, 19 March 2019
18.8-4, 18 March 2019
18.8-3, 17 March 2019
18.8-2, 17 March 2019
18.8-1, 15 March 2019
17.8-433, 13 March 2019
17.8-432, 11 March 2019
17.8-431, 10 March 2019
17.8-430, 9 March 2019
17.8-429, 7 March 2019
17.8-428, 4 March 2019
17.8-427, 2 March 2019
17.8-426, 1 March 2019

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Excellent, good work @gmc

Just checking; If I install the test builds on my 4k, will it affect my 1 year international hardware warranty?


So getting a sad face after splash screen as noted but the system doesn’t seem to resume as normal. Only thing I can think of is I was using the KODI skin and I installed and uninstalled a single addon before upgrading.


Issue persists after following this advice

Thanks. I’m looking into this. Can replicate the issue so a fix should be coming soon.

Did you follow the advice correctly?
Kodi is having problems (not necessarily the cause of the sad face) with the keymap editor add-on which appears to be in your local Kodi directory.

Found the issue. Vero builds were being built with xlibs. I’ve now included


and adapted it for cmake. New build should be up shortly.

Great! You’ll want to use this for Pi as well.

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17.8-032, 1 March 2017: Based off OSMC commit (73807f1d) and xbmc (f1ce0390)

Build Details:
First build of Kodi Leia for Vero 4K

@gmc Remember that path issue we had before and the PR Garbear suggested? I wonder if this is relevant again.

Just rebooted to grab logs, now the message is

Add-on couldn’t be loaded.

An unknown error has occurred




Paths need adjusting as recommended on Pi.

@r34ch Will be fixed shortly.

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Thanks. I’ll check on this.

Found it - Its this patch that fixed it.

Need to apply to be Vero :slight_smile:

Awesome thanks.

Just curious if you guys know why the emulators are packaged with Kodi but not the game controller profiles? I just noticed in my logs that I need them to use the emulators.

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Sad face when trying to play HEVC 265 from external HDD


Rebooted and got stuck in a bootloop until I removed my external HD and pulled the plug.

Not sure if logs grabbed anything http://paste.osmc.io/situxiganu

Not a debug log so can’t tell what the issue is.
Also keep in mind these builds are alpha, so experimental.

Yea I understand it’s early alpha, do you guys still want logs or will I hold off for a few months?

Without a debug log we can’t help. So it’s worth uploading one.

If you want a stable system, stick with OSMC as is on Vero 4K.