Vero 4K General Discussion

@mkub; I might be, if the price is right. Mostly for testing the Android dual boot option. Where are you located?


@thansen_dk; Is your NAS accessible on a local network or have you found a way to access it remotely/via web? I own a NAS that I am struggling to stream content from, expect via the dedicated (Android) cloud app supplied by the producer.

My Synology NAS is only accessible on my local network for security reasons, except for rare occasions then I open the ports necessary for accessing files on WAN, but I have never streamed outside my local network.

can u kindly post pictures of vero itself from all sides and accessories especially remote from both sidespls ?

does vero 4k support HDR and will i be able to connect my xbox one S controller to vero 4k using bluetooth ? 1 last question is that can i install emulaionstation operating system on vero 4k for experimentation ?

Yes – discussed above.

There are detailed images on our website and you can see close ups of the remote too.

Haven’t tested – but it will be the same as other OSMC platforms. So if it works on Pi it will work on Vero 4K.

In theory: yes, but you’d be on your own here. Retrogaming is already possible however with Kodi v18 test builds for Vero 4K.

Here you are :slight_smile:
Apart from what you see can on the pictures, there is also an IR extender and a HDMI cable provided in the package.


OK, thanks. I stream remotely, but am looking for ways to enable this without using the proprietary app.

I don’t know what kind of NAS you have, and what protocols it supports, but WebDAV could be a possibility.

I have a white Xbox One S controller with Bluetooth support so I could try pairing it this weekend if I get the time.

Are you expecting it to work in Kodi as well or only Emlulation station ? I’m not sure if xbox controllers would be mapped correctly in Kodi out of the box, but it should be possible to make it work as it just acts as a standard Bluetooth Joystick as far as I know. (I’ve tried it on Windows 7 but not Linux)

As for emulation station itself - some of the emulators may not work if they are targetting Pi specific API’s like OpenMax. However the ones that support Open GL ES and Alsa may work - again I have only tried Emulation Station on a Pi 2 before.

Wow, didn’t realise it was that small.

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See my review of the Vero 4k here: Click


See my review of the Vero4k here: ClickMe

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It is a Zyxel 540, and WebDAV is enabled, though it’s nothing I’ve ever used or learned how to use…:thinking:. In over my head here, methinks…

Will there also be the opportunity to boot android? In other words: Will you provide an android version to boot from like you did for Vero 2?
This depends on demand.

We will probably do this if enough people want it, and we would offer an Android release that boots from SD card.

Just to make sure the demand counter gets increased: I want it (already bought the Vero 4k regardless of this) :beers:


@sam_nazarko - you indicate that it can decode 4:4:4, 4:2:2 and 4:2:0 Chroma subsampling in HEVC. But what about in 10-bit video?

I have been playing with an Odroid C2 which runs a similar chipset and it just blackscreens my TV on 10-bit 4:4:4 and 4:2:2 so wondering if Vero 4k will resolve that where the Odroid C2 doesn’t?

I receive my new Vero 4k and I want to tri the Infrared Sensor. Anyone knows where should I plug in? There are two jack holes :smiley: and how to activate it? It wil work with any remote?

Try the plug on the outside… (not the one next to the HDMI).
But the cable is just the extension. There should be a sensor inside :slight_smile:

ODroid C2 is based on a different SoC.

If you have any doubts, PM me some links


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Yes I’m new to OSMC but I do have a RASPBERRY PI 3 and also a Windows pc running Kodi 17. Just bought a new tv LG OLED 55C6p and playing video directly from a hard drive or attaching the hdd to my 4k Blu-ray player works great. Is the Vero 4K mainly used as a 4K streaming device?