New color for the highlighted items!

First post to this forum, and I´ll hope someone can either point me to the right direction or we can make this a feature req for the upcoming release!

I´m running OSMC on my Raspberry Pi 2 model B connected to my 46" TV. The problem is, I´m having a hard time to see WHAT item or text is highlighted at the moment. White text and highlighted text that is light yellow is bad when the background is dark!

So, my question is then, is there a way to edit this or not?


I think the whole UI colors need to be reviewed. For example the whole OSMC skin is too dark and depending on the amount of light I have in the room where my TV is I can’t see which title I have selected (in the fan art visualization screen). And it is not a TV contrast problem because with confluence everything is allright, but I like OSMC better because it looks more “modern”.


It’s difficult to identify the menu selection. It changes from an Off-White to an Off-Light-Yellow. I’m on the latest OSMC as of Feb.2016. Can the color contrast on selection be improved? Otherwise it’s great on a RasPi2. Thanks.


The only thing that I don’t use of OSMC is the skin due to the difficulty to identify the selection; on any new installation I switch asap on standard skin

I did this req in oct last year, I know there has been an update to “fix” the font color, but that update did only fix the font color on some parts in the system!

Any ETA when we will be able to see what part is select and not?

We don’t have any skinners on the team at the moment but I am happy to accept a patch for this


As Sam wrote currently no skinner on the team but every improvment that people want to do on the skin is welcome.
For everyone else if you a desparate just open with an editor
/usr/share/kodi/addons/skin.osmc/colors/defaults.xml and change <color name="ColorSelected">fff1f1f1</color> to <color name="ColorFO">fff3f3f3</color>

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I don’t understand. There are no skinners on the team, but the change is a simple hex change in an xml file. Would a non-skinner team member be able to make this small change? Or is it actually not so simple?

+99 on this feature. And thanks for the amazing OS!

The lack of a “skinner” on the team is outdated news.

A new skin is on the way for an upcoming release (“Real Soon Now”) with the next version of Kodi.

I am running OSMC February 2017 and I still see the light yellow color in the context menus of the OSMC skin. I have changed /usr/share/kodi/addons/skin.osmc/colors/defaults.xml selected color to below but this had no effect on the context menu seleciton.
<color name="SelectedColor">ff4d4d</color>

See attached picture, “Settings” is highlighted, but that selection is barely visable.

Please help me remedy this.

the skin isn’t the same as the old skin at the moment there are several threads about the skin and im sure @BobCrachett will address these in time.

The values in colors/defaults.xml you’re looking for are TextColor1 and TextColor2 (focused and unfocused colours respectively.) We’re continuing to refine the colours, so if you come up with some good alternative values please let us know and we’ll consider them alongside the other feedback we recieve.

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I like the colors… But what about an MyOSMC option that allows a user to type on a different color that alters those settings? Enough folks seem to ask for this, that perhaps it would alleviate the requests/complaints.

Whilst something like that is possible, it’s a lot of work - involving changing every single reference to the colours throughout the skin. At this point, I think it’s preferable to acknowledge that where the focus is isn’t always clear in settings/sidebars, and to try to fix this for everyone - whether by continuing to tweak the colours, or looking into other options such as visual cues to highlight the focus.

certainly something to consider if your gonna do another skin in the future :slight_smile: