New Pi2 no HDMI Sound

Hi All,
I have OSMC on about 4 Pis with no issues, however today i have a new PI2 and I set up with the windows installer, i have tried both July and August builds of OSMC.

However once set up I get no HDMI sound. Absolutely fine on Analogue but nothing through HDMI.
Never had this as an issue before anyone have any ideas?

Have tried passthrough / hmdi and analogue (analogue works) / and reset defaults for audio output.
EDIT Have tried same Pi with other Images on other SD cards and works perfectly so definetely software related
many thanks

Sorry but definitely NOT a software problem or we would literally have thousands of users complaining about it.
Please provide the contents of your config.txt and the outputs of

tvservice -s
tvservice -m CEA
tvservice -m DMT

Oh, also, go ahead and try this…

Perfect Thank you,
Yes turning off the TV did the trick, never come across this problem before and as I said I have OSMC running on multiple Pi’s B/B+/2