New remote will not pair

Got my new replacement remote today, thanks Sam
I just cannot get it to pair with the vero
At first would not even flash when home and ok buttons pressed so changed battery
Blue led was a lot brighter and it was flashing when home and ok buttons pressed, took out dongle, pressed home and ok led flashed put dongle back in turned off vero wait 2 minutes
Will not pair no matter how many times ive tried

Try pairing it on a PC or laptop in another room.

Tried that, after putting dongle in getting usb keyboard and drivers loading
So obviously nothing wrong with dongle
But do not know if the remote will do anything once connected to pc, it doesn’t

Yes – it would work on a PC.

I will send you another dongle. I only sent you a new remote as you only mentioned that the remote was problematic (battery clip) rather than a functionality problem.


When i got the clip in place the remote did work so didn’t think there was a problem with the dongle, and with the dongle showing on the pc i would have thought the dongle would be ok

Did you try repairing when you plugged it in the PC?

I tested the remote before shipping it to you, but just to be on the side of caution I have shipped a new remote and dongle.

That doesn’t sound right! Have you checked the related Wiki article?

Missed that – but indeed, not meant to turn off the device.

Just tried again and the led did stay on
Followed the instructions, took out usb dongle pressed home and ok
Led stayed on put dongle back in but it took 60 seconds for the blue light to flash 3 times turned the vero off left for 2 minutes
Hasn’t paired

If it flashed 3 times it should be paired … do you have a Windows 10 laptop/notebook/PC and could you try the tests as described in the article?

No windows 7
Just tried again, as before still not paired

I’m not sure whether Win 7 is appropriate for the tests, I fear not. Do you have another OSMC device like a Pi?

Unfortunately not

Do you have bluetooth turned on in some other device that is in the general vicinity (headphone adapter, FireTV, etc) and if so can you try pairing with them turned off. I’m wondering if some other device is trying to pair aside from the dongle.

Just my phone will try when i get back home

I have already shipped a new one.
Let’s pick things up if they are not resolved then

Still no joy with it
Hopefully the next one will be ok
Many thanks for dealing with so quickly

Thanks Sam, new remote and usb dongle arrived today, paired straight away