New to Vero 4K+. Where is a full manual and user guide?

Hi All

Just received the new Vero. There seems to be no manual I can find about the multitude of possible settings in the thing and how to do stuff.
For instance:
After about 1 hr I finally managed to search for dlna devices in my house (i.e all the videos on my laptop), by changing the skin to the Kodi one.

Now, for instance, I powered the thing off and no button on the remote seems to power it back on again!
Need a full manual for this thing - I have searched and can’t seem to find anything.

Thanks folks.

The Kodi wiki will be useful in this regard as it is the software provided by OSMC.
Quick start guide - Official Kodi Wiki

The device was designed and intended to be always on. Typically one would only need to shut it down if necessary to unplug and/or move the device.

I recommend using the standby option under Power -> Suspend. This will let you wake up the device using a remote controller


Agree. Before the Suspend option was introduced, I used to switch it off at the wall, as my wife does not like things to be ‘left on’. I was so happy when the Suspend feature was introduced as. 1. a happy wife & 2. after switching back on from the wall, sometimes the remote lost it sync & was a pain to get it to sync again.

Re 2. if you sync it once with a full re-pair, it should stay synced as long as it’s used once a week.


Now I have the issue where I set the box to turn off after 1 hr of inactivity - and the remote wont power it back on. You can’t have a permanently on device in today’s power conserving infrastructure.
Maybe some software changes to be made?

Also having freezing issues, remote stops responding, wifi link really slow…

When setting it up the first time it asked me for some HDR settings. These settings can now not be found anywhere. HDR encoded movies very dark on my standard 1080P display. Trying to change these settings but cannot find them.

Audio/video sync issues - same setup as the rest of my gear but lipsync issues seen with this box.

Your link above still does not mention what any of the settings (especially the hardware/setup based ones) actually do.
What does MP4 speedup actually do??
What does sync playback to display actually do?? How do I know what to set this at?
Why have a timer based shutdown function when you can’t actually turn the device back on again after the device has turned off with it’s own function??

Please, comprehensive manual!

This is what you sent in an email when the Vero 4K arrived and the remote did not work:

  • Remove the USB from Vero 4K
  • Hold Home and OK button for 5 seconds or so, then the blue LED will keep flashing.
  • Plug in the USB receiver and the LED should flash 3 times after 5 seconds, indicating successful pairing.
  • Power off Vero 4K for 2 minutes. Turn it back on. The remote should now work.

That fixed it then but nowadays, in the times it looses its sync and I do the above instructions, when I hold the Home & OK for 5 seconds or more, the blue light never flashes, it just stays solid blue. When I plug the USB receiver back in, the blue light just keeps staying on forever. It is a case of trying all sorts of combos of USB in & out, 4K off and on and eventually, the darn thing will start working again.

Is there a way that I can force it completely out of sync so that it will go through the “blue LED will keep flashing”, etc?

When my remote stops working, I find unplugging the dongle and plugging it in again wakes it up.

I will keep this in mind for the next time it forgets its sync.

There is an overlap where OSMC begins and Kodi ends; so we usually leave the Kodi side of things to the Kodi Wiki.

I’d turn that off for now.
When you want to standby the device, select Power -> Suspend. This will let you wake the device with a remote press.

There aren’t any HDR settings that I can think of that would benefit you.
If your TV only supports SDR; then Vero will detect that and will not send the HDR EOTF. HDR -> SDR is not an exact method though; so the picture may look darker. This is being worked on.

Is Vero connected to TV directly? Do you have a separate connection for audio?

Leave these settings off.



I am using the same connection type as my other devices and sources (cambridge 752bd for eg), which is everything goes through the denon avr 4520 to a 7.1 system. All other sources sync perfectly (with HDMI lipsync option in the AVR always being ON).

Remote is working better after a few power on/offs.

My issue is mostly with the setup options that don’t seem to be documented anywhere. Mostly hardware setup and playback/picture options.

Just need to play around a lot more I guess.

Things should work relatively well out of the box.

If the audio delay is persistent, during playback press OK. Select the speaker icon and you can configure an audio offset. To make it persistent, press set as default for all videos



@floatingkiwi: If you are new to Kodi, then you will have to get through the process of learning by doing. Everyone of us started at this point and I know it might be frustratring at first. There are plenty of web sites with guides and stuff about Kodi. Google is your best friend.

The upside is that this way you will learn alot more about Kodi then you would learn by reading a manual. Especially since Kodi is always changing (Kodi 18 coming soon), no manual could cover that.

Most default settings made by the OSMC team for Kodi are already the best for most people. Many others are easy to understand. Alot can be ignored because they are just there for a very few minority of people with a very special setup. Keep on mind, Kodi is pretty complex (and there are even countless advanced config option you don‘t even see in the GUI) and has options for nearly all eventualities but that does not mean you really need to understand them all from the start.

So my advice would be to just use the Vero 4k+ and if you run into specific problems, just open a thread here and alot of people will help you with that.