New user... 2 questions

Happy Vero 4K + owner here!

Cannot find the “install from zip file” addon option…

I’ve tried several Bluray 4K rips (both ISO and folder structures) without success. What I’m doing wrong?

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Select addons then the top left box like icon to reveal the install from zip files option.
I do not believe the 4K+ will read 4K bluray iso or folder structures correctly, try something like mkvmerge gui, a freeware program contained within mkvtoolnix ( MKVToolNix 74.0.0 Free Download - VideoHelp ) to remux the main movie file into an mkv file,
or if you’re ripping your own 4K disks try using something like makeMKV.

Kodi v18 can read these ISOs correctly.
It can also read encrypted ISOs, but it’s necessary to provide these keys separately.

Thank you, Sam. Is it safe to install? Which version? Any step by step guide available?

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As it’s beta – it’s still not completely stable and subject to breakage.

See [TESTING] Kodi 18 (Leia) builds for Vero 2 & 4K.

Wow! Too complícate for me…

In a month or so it will all work out of the box when we release it as a stable update

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Thanks a lot