New Vero coming soon?

Hi guys,

I looked at all the different threads but nothing about this topic. I read somewhere that the EOL (End Of Life) for Vero 4k and Vero 4k+ is planned for 2022. Which is coming soon. So I was wondering if there are plans to upgrade it in the coming months? What does the EOL means for this device (sounds a bit dramatic)?

I read on another thread that you are usually not announcing new products in advance, but since the EOL was announced I felt like it’d be good to know if something is coming up. On my side my RPi is slowly giving up on life, so shall I wait for a new Vero device and hold on the Rpi? Thanks!

Cheers guys! Looking forward to following your great work!

The “until” might mean including here, so 31/12/2022? I’m pretty sure that if it were 01/01/2022 we’d have heard something by now.

EOL usually means no more new features and no more bug and security fixes, but will keep working.

I don’t think you did! The original statement was that the devices would be supported for a minimum of four years after the Vero 4K+ was launched (in mid 2018). Even back then it was never stated that this would be a definite end date for support, and it has been stated since that the original four years has been extended. Till when, I’m not sure.

Bear in mind the Vero 2 has only now reached end-of-support; and that doesn’t mean it won’t work any more, it just means you’ll have to keep using the last version of the software without further updates.

I read it here: Vero4k+ announcement

Sam himself wrote “The Vero 4K remains supported until 2022 and the Vero 4K + has the same projected EOL. We have several large customers interested in long term support.”

Or maybe I misunderstood something? Granted it was in 2018 so maybe things changed?


We won’t end support for 4K/4K+ in 2022.
These were the minimum guarantees.

When we do end support, your device will obviously stay working.

No new device plans at this time.


Thanks Sam, I’ll just order a Vero 4k+ then. Cheers