Vero4k+ announcement


I bought my Vero 4K only about 3 months ago, with no idea that an improved model was about to be released.

Will the original Vero 4K still receive support?

Is there a trade-in program for customers such as myself with nearly new, hardly used units (due to the hevc 8-bit colourspace problem which is extensively discussed on another thread)?

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Did I miss something? Can’t find anything about this.

The Vero 4K + is an incremental upgrade and details will be released tomorrow.

The Vero 4K remains supported until 2022 and the Vero 4K + has the same projected EOL. We have several large customers interested in long term support.

Anyone who purchased the device after we stopped shipping in June will receive a free upgrade at the discounted price. We don’t have plans for a trade in scheme unfortunately.

I have reproduced your issue but I am working out why it only applies to a few clips that you have. When it’s solved, it’s solved for Vero 4K and 4K + as they share a common codebase.



Any chance that buyers of the „old“ Vero 4k get a discount on a purchase of the Vero 4k+ ?

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Yes — buy it now and you get upgraded.

The price will increase shortly to the RRP



Ok, just give us some days to make up our mind, let‘s say reduced price for at least the end of the week.

What is the discounted price for the 4K+? Aside from the CinemaVision issue, the 4K is working like a charm for me. Looking forward to seeing the specs.

You can order it for £99 on
It currently says Vero 4K (to shortly be amended) but you will receive a new unit.


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Hopefully we see some specs here. I’m trying to figure out in my brain what could even be added at this point…

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Kinda disappointed in this. My vero4k was unable to support some display modes and I have never used it past the setup stage. I was going to send it back but the problem is being worked on. Had I known it would run this long and also into the release of a new unit (one with a gigabit adapter on board) I would have sent it back and waited.

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The new one is based on the same chipset and has the same codebase, so your display mode problems will still exist with the updated version.

Right, but the point is that knowing that - would someone rather wait for the new version and the fix or stick with the old one. I know it’s not a massive hardware update and had it been in some sort of regular use it wouldn’t be an issue - I did at one point say ‘should I send this back??’

As there is not fix yet, and if there is a fix it will work on either version, it makes absolutely no difference which version you have.

These are the initial improvements and I understand more details will come with the official announcement.

“Thanks to community feedback, the new device adds Gigabit Ethernet, faster storage, improved performance and higher quality analogue audio. We’ve also reigned in that pesky blue LED.”

I was going to order another one anyway so have already placed an order for the + version.

Of course it makes a difference if you’ve never used the old version. My whole point is that anyone in my situation knowing how long the time frame of the fix would be would wait and pick it up in the new version. Like I’ve already said, had I been using it for other things it wouldn’t have been an issue - I’ve set it up, it didn’t work, it’s waiting on a fix.

What does that mean??? FREE = £0.00, not “at the discounted price”

I think it means you will receive a 4K+ if you ordered a 4K in June while units were out of stock. So if you are still waiting for your 4K to be delivered then you will be posted a 4K+.

Ah yes, than makes sense.

Whats the changes with the new version?

5 posts above… But there’ll also be an official announcement soon.