New Vero?

Also bought my Vero is March 2018, and theres absolutely nothing wrong with it, still works really well.

I bought my Vero4K+ in November '22. Not expecting any trade-in, not for a product in this price range.

I furthermore would be considering whether to substitute my fully fledged HTPC with the new product, hence adding a second Vero to my home, not substituting the existing one.

It will stay supported for some time yet.

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Yeah, absolutely. My point was that, for the price you ask, I think it’s unreasonable (not wanting to offend anyone, just the way I see it) to expect trade-ins or whatever.

Your product offers great value, especially when one considers the support and development that goes with it.


Hey Sam,

would you tease us a little about some of the features of the new Vero V? What will be better or what will be feautures the 4k+ don’t have? Will there be any kind of Dolby Vision support? What about AV1?

Will we have a preorder option here in Germany?

Thank you for your hard work on this amazing OSMC products!

We already know the answer to those two. The new device will be based on the S905X4 SoC, which means it will offer hardware acceleration for AV1. See Will Vero Next have an optical audio port? - #40 by sam_nazarko and subsequent discussion.

Dolby Vision has also been discussed before in other threads - for example, Dolby Vision . The short version (as of the last time it was discussed) is that it will not be supported, for reasons that are legal rather than technical. DV has to be licensed by Dolby, and some of the restrictions on the system that they require to allow it would fundamentally destroy the open source nature of OSMC.

You can, of course, already play a DV UHD blu ray remux (DV profile 7) by simply playing the HDR10 layer and ignoring DV. There has been some discussion about the possibility of playing a single layer (DV profile 5) file by converting it to HDR10 on the fly - meaning it would play with correct colours, but without the dynamic HDR metadata. Don’t hold your breath for this; but last we heard it was still being looked into. If that does ever happen, I would guess it might be supported on the Vero 4K as well.

Sam is still being a bit cagey about that, but the stuff that we know about is mainly a somewhat more powerful CPU (which may possibly make general navigation a bit more snappy), faster built-in flash memory, one of the USB ports being USB 3.0 (which will be helpful if you want to attach a hard drive directly to the Vero), and the aforementioned support for AV1. Given the choice of SoC you should probably expect to be an evolution rather than a revolution.


That’s fair. Maybe think Vero4k on steroids.

I hope Sam will forgive me for mentioning you will get two available USB ports (internal remote dongle).


Am I right that only one of them is USB 3.0?

Looks like it will be the VERO V


It has been there since 21-04-2023, this is when i first got the notification from fccid.

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And a Vero 5+ ?

Looks like it

The next model is called Vero V. We made this publicly known some time ago and introduced the Vero V forum category a while ago.

according to the fccid website, this is just another rebranded android box.

browsing github, it seems you are still using bullseye and the 4.9 kernel

What’s your point?

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witch one?

the fact thats it’s just a rebranded android box running debian? or that it’s still using a EOL kernel?

slapping your own label on a box and charging a premium price for it is what everyone else is doing these days, i thought OSMC was different.

I just don’t think you get it, hardware is one thing, software and support is another thing.
If you buy a shitty mediaplayer on ebay and you have a specific problem with it, no one really gives a sh**, if you buy a vero and have a problem, the problem gets solved. Simple as that.


Sometimes, sure.