Newbie OSMC Update question

I apologize ahead but was trying to find answer to this question on the forum without any luck.

While back i got notification that OSMC had major update, i am currently running at Nov 2020 version. I cant remember if i had declined update or download failed but since then i had no updates.

I tried using manual update and this happens.
Screen shows:

  1. “1/4 items … 0% downloading”
  2. “0.2mb/0.2mb … 100% download”

After that nothing happens, it never downloads 2nd and on items.
I tried reset after this update but then it just cycles the same thing.

Not sure what to do?

Thanks in advance.

There is a possibility that you need this hotfix (Q1 in this FAQ)

If that doesn’t help you might have to check on command line.

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Thank you for the info!
I am pretty sure this is it, every time i tried to update anything on Kodi i would get “missing Python 3.0” error popping up.

Thanks a lot.