Newest update - skins not shown completely

Hey guys,

I installed yesterday the new update. Since thrn every time I restart the Vero I can’t see the headlines of the skin. If I reassign the font (which is tricky to find the way without any seen headlines) it shows it again, until next restart. This happened with some skins extreme (no headline shown), with some skins less (original kodi skin only has this problems in the library menu).

I reinstalled the osmc with an USB stick, just running into the same problem. What can I do?

Are you using profiles? If yes, please have a look here: Some menu text is gone - #27 by Chillbo

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Ok, first of all, thanks for fast answer. Yes, my whole family is using that with over 6 profiles :frowning:

So delete the profiles and keep with master until update comes?

Will this update be downloadable within oscm vero again?

Unfortunately, this seems to be the only solution. It’s a pity.

We don’t know whether Kodi will fix this and, if they do, when… But yes, it will be included in some update of ours then.

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That’s really hard. Hits me hard with my 6 profiles everything linked to Trakt :frowning:.

I think they will fix it, I mean profiles are important for kodi user. Especially families.

Where is the best source to get informed about the fix?

Maybe I go back to kodi 17 until this is fixed. My other Vero is not updated yet so this could be the solution for me.

There is a discussion and possible workaround mentioned here: Skins not loading in profiles · Issue #14732 · xbmc/xbmc · GitHub

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Thanks for the help and link. I will hope for an update of kodi.