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Hi boys… i have a little problems whit Video Calibration during video reproduction… i have upgrade last night to latest omsc now whit kodi 17.1-rc1 and i have set this to use Estuary Skin and this is the problems:

On Home i can make video calibration… but when i reproduce a video if this have a reproduction different than home (i use 1980p at 60Hz) i obtain the image goes out of the screen and also the OSD of OSMC during same reproduction goes out of the screen and every time i need to use “Video Calibration” to fix.

I have tryed to set to default but apparently there’s no help… apparently every different video i want to play even if it’s a video from youtube addons or if it’s a video from a pendrive in xvid or mkv i have to do to recalibrate the OSD… because ? It’s normal ?

Create a new thread please!! This thread has NOTHING to do with the issue you suffer!

@ActionA i have a question… you can move my question here:

Apparently there’s the same problems i have described here :slight_smile:

I have select to flag previous reply… ask my question here…