No 24p output

Hi. I got my Vero 4K today. I previously used a chromebox with openELEC + Kodi 15.2. Its connected to a Yamaha A1020 reciever + Panasonic P55ST50 plasma (Not 4k). Everything has been working flawlessly on the chromebox, I switched to the Vero to have hardware hevc mostly. I have Kodi setup exactly the same as my chromebox, “Adjust display refresh rate” - On start/stop. “Sync playback to display” - OFF. Audio passthrough for all formats. I have tried every video file I have, they are 99% 23,976fps, which my chromebox output as 24Hz. But the Vero outputs it as 60Hz. Nothing has changed besides media player, no settings changed in reciever or TV.

EDIT. I tried “Lock HDMI HPD”. Did a reboot and that seems to have fixed it. I now get correct 24p output. Also, before I activated that option, the display setting “resolution” was greyed out, and I werent able to change anything. Now its not greyed out anymore. I am not familiar with HDMI HPD events, care to eplain why this worked for me?

Hi, look here:

Is “match resolution” disabled?

If it is, upload debug logs please.

Sorry I should have been more precise. It was “normal” 1080p video files. I dont have a 4k TV, so no 4k videos either. And also, I dont even have a match resolution option???

Please post full debug logs please, as explained here under “Providing diagnostic logs”:

Okey, but as I said in my edit, that the issue was resolved by activating the HDMI HPD LOCK option. So I am not sure what I need logs for?

Sorry, totally missed your edit. Glad you solved your problem then :+1:t2:

Yep. If you turn off your TV or power Vero 4K before all your equipment is on, you may sometimes experience this problem. This setting should fix it for you.

I’m not quite sure what did the trick actaully lol :wink: Because I switched HDMI cable at the same time as I activated the HDMI HDP lock, and rebooted. And now when I think of it, the first time I started the Vero, the reciever was OFF, so maybe it was a handshake issue. And now when I tested with HDMI HDP off it still works, and outputs correct 24p. Anyhow the main thing is it works :slight_smile: