No 24p playback on my TV (Display Mode fixed to Windowed)


I got my Vero yesterday :slight_smile: It installed very quickly and without a hitch!
But I’m trying it out and noticed that my bluray content doesn’t play at 24p, but at 60Hz (says my TV).
I would like the Vero to playback my content as-is, without any filtering or pulldown or whatever.
I did change the setting in Video > Playback > ‘Adjust display refresh rate to match video’ to On start/stop and also tried Always, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference.
Is it correct to assume that it has to do with the Display Mode being fixed to Windowed? Why can’t I change it?

With Rasbmc on Raspberry Pi it was possible and would like the Vero too to playback my bluray movies straight from the source.

Please can someone help me out with this?

Thanks very much.


Yes. We have already resolved this and will push it to release soon.