No Audio with DTS-HD-HRA Movies

My Atmos and DTS-HD tracks are not reliably playing - related to this thread? Or do I have a HW or SW problem?

The Atmos and DTS-HD MA tracks are now working sporadically, about 1 out of 10 times, or not at all. Until recently all of these tracks worked perfectly. Sometimes I can get the track to play by toggling the vero4k “Stereo upmix” audio setting.

My configuration:
Vero 4k
Marantz SR7009 AVR

Things I’ve changed that may have resulted in this breakage:

  • Updated the Marantz SR7009 firmware to 6005-3165-6011-07
  • Updated vero4k to 2018.03-1

Is this failure mode related to this thread?
Is this a known issue related to the Marantz firmware? If so, can I downgrade the firmware?
Or is this more likely a HW failure? Short of buying another vero4k I don’t know how to test this.

After checking cables and all settings on my AVR and vero4k, I’m not sure what else to do. I can’t make sense out of something that works some of the time.

Any advice?

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