No Audio with DTS-HD-HRA Movies

Could test this with a friend’s Denon AVR-X2400H: Have to report that DTS-HRA wasn’t working with his one… Same as reported here: Only showing as core DTS, some audio audible, but heavily distorted.

That’s got to be a AVR problem. It should fall back to core or it’s out of spec.

Of course it is an AVR problem… The strange Denon problem with DTS-HRA files (same symptoms as others reported with their Denon AVRs). Just strange that @Mevlock reported DTS-HRA was working with his 2400H model and here it wasn’t.

The file I tested with was also used to test with my 4300H - no problems there :wink:

More AVR’s have this issue, my Onkyo RZ820 isn’t a low segment one, but has troubles with it also.

It WAS working back when I tested in November, I watched two full movies with DTS-HRA, properly detected by my Denon.

I’ve looked into it recently and now I’m having the same problem as everyone else. Very strange.

I just converted the audio since I only had 3 movies using DTS-HRA.

Would be nice to get it fixed however.

That’s very interesting! Could you revert back for testing and confirm, if it was working at one point reproducibly?

If I can the chance to I’ll try this weekend. Of course now I’m doubting myself and wondering if I was actually playing back DTS-HRA properly. Will see if I can replicate my success.

Would be good to be sure… Might be, of course, that you missed something and it was never properly working. Those kinds of things have happened here a lot already :see_no_evil:
So, to be sure, double-testing is always good :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you have regular access to this AV receiver? Were you ever able to get it work via brute force, i.e. keep trying to play the file; or pausing and pressing play?


I have the same problem with my Marantz Receiver since the last Marantz Firmware-Update in december. The support told me that a DTS-Update comes with the Firmware-Update and only DTS certified player can detect DTS HD HRA properly after this update. This isn´t a Vero problem - switch the Audio configuration in Kodi to “fixed” will help but i have to revert the Firmware-Update, my HiMedia Q5 Pro with his internal player hasn´t such a setting and cannot play DTS-HD HRA now!

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Not regular, no. But every now and then… Can keep this in mind and try testing brute force next time I’m at my friend’s place :+1:t2:

But @Mevlock should be able to test regularely with his AVR-X2400H.

Sounds good.

@Mevlock – would you be willing to do some testing?


Certainly, I’m just busy re-ripping a couple of discs that had DTS-HD HR audio.

Brilliant. Send me a PM and I can produce a few builds. We might be able to nail this by trial and error.

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I’ve got the DTS Master Audio Suite, and can create audio tracks in any format.

Is there a need for a test suite of tracks…like maybe a short movie clip with a bunch of audio tracks in different formats?

A couple of test clips would be great. The more to test with the better really.

If you need more testing Sam, give me a test build as well, getting the same, only dts core but very low volume like I mentioned before.

I’ll probably be able to test with my friend’s AVR (2400H) again next week, too. If there’s a test build for testing available then :slightly_smiling_face:

Testing the same file through my bluray player, it nicely plays the dts-hd hi ress audio, just checked with avr info.

This indicates that there has to be a way around this issue! :+1:t2::sweat_smile: