No pre-installed emulators

From looking around in other posts, older versions of Vero came with emulators pre-installed with OSMC in:
Settings > Add-on browser > My add-ons > Game add-ons > Emulators

Currently with the Vero V, there’s no Emulators folder. So I’m guessing the emulators will need to be installed manually. Is there an officially supported list somewhere?

Also tried:
Install from repository > Game add-ons

But it doesn’t list any emulators either.

I have the ROMS, just looking for any supported SNES, PS1 or N64 emulators that can also support a PS5 controller.

Thank you.

There are non compiled for VeroV yet, you can try the binary repository for pi.

Those that work work, those that don’t dont. When i have more time I will try to build, for Vero V.


But I’m unsure how far @hissingshark has come with the Vero V version, haven’t tested in a few months.

I ended up following the post you made here:

And installing this zip:

After that the Emulators folder was there. Also enabled Libretro Compatibility and rebooted a few times.

I’ve tried a few Snes9x emulators (Current, 2010, 2005 Plus etc) and I’ve noticed that the ROM stutters continuously, right from startup. If I keep restarting the ROM eventually it will play ok but it’s completely random. No idea how to fix it.

It’s definitely not the ROM itself as it works fine elsewhere.

When it works, it works perfect. Just no idea where to go to fix that last issue.

Just to piggie back this, I’d never thought of using my Vero for emulation - up top what consoles would it be okay emaulating? DC? PS1?

@GavLovesGuinness as I said, those that work work. I mean that binary repo hasn’t been recompiled since 2018. I’m still a bit to occpied with getting moonlight to work. After that I’ll try to build some emulators. I’d like a prio/wish list of a bunch, Like a prefered SNES/Sega… So that I should focus on them first, doing all 113(i think) takes lots of time and around 20 didn’t even compile on previous tries, better to do one after the another.

@pinn73 theoretically, with optimized code DC and PS1 shouldn’t be a problem.

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@pinn73 PS1 is fine from what I’ve tried.
Can’t see any support for the Dreamcast yet though (haven’t found an Emulator for it).
I’d imagine the Vero V would struggle with some of the DC games.

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Regarding retrOSMCmk2:
It is working on Vero V. The only platform that is hard down right now is PSP.
PSX(1) emulation works well in general.
Dreamcast is running better now I’ve moved to Flycast, which I’m providing as a Libretro core. Performance is highly variable though as it is a challenging platform. Still does better than N64 though!

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I had just installed retrOSMCmk2 when I read your comment at the weekend @hissingshark. Flycast has been working fine, for the most part with DC games. The occasional skip but nothing more.

When paired with the Internet Archive Game Launcher add-on, which gives you instant access to pretty much every ROM available, you’re completely sorted.

Are there any plans to add a Dolphin core for GameCube? Or would that be a little bit too much for the Vero V? I checked the experimental packages but it wasn’t available.