No signal from device after playing 60fps content

If I watch 60fps content with “Adjust display refresh rate” enabled and then stop the video, then my TV doesn’t pick up any signal from the Vero 4K+ box anymore. The box is however still running and Kodi is still running and a simple “sudo systemctl restart mediacenter” will get it back on screen.

I don’t have this issue when “Adjust display refresh rate” is turned off but I really want this enabled for content running e.g. 24 fps.

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grab-logs -A (with debug logging enabled) should give some clues.

Debug logs:

We recommend people with 4K TV’s set their user interface (UI) to 1080p. Kodi’s UI is not optimized for 4K yet and this can put unnecessary demands on your device and can lead to a suboptimal picture quality, as well as potentially cause other issues.

The settings we recommend are as follows…

Settings>System>Display>Resolution> 1920x1080p
Settings>System>Display>Whitelist> (empty)
Settings>Player>Videos>Adjust display refresh rate> On start/stop

Some televisions may also need, or benefit from, the following being set…

System>Display>Force 4:2:2 colour subsampling> (enable)

With the above settings your UI will be output in Full HD and your 4K content will be output in 4K. If you have any doubt, feel free to upload some logs so we can verify that your settings are indeed correct.

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Thanks darwindesign. The UI resolution was indeed the issue here.

However, when playing 60fps 4K (HEVC) content I’m getting frames skipped (as indicated by the counter in “Ctrl+Shift+O”) although this is most severe in scenes with a lot of action. Is that a network issue or something else? Moreover, the cpu temperature is quite high and eventually reaches a critical temperature and crashes. Is that expected because of the extra work with 60fps? As a reference, playing 4K 24fps HEVC content yields a cpu temperature around 70C.

Let’s focus on one step at a time.
Make the changes suggested by @darwindesign, then produce new logs for each issue.


Alright. Here are some logs of me playing the file in question:

Within around 10 minutes, It managed to reach a temperature of 130C without crashing before I stopped it. During that it showed skipped frames (gradually becoming worse as the temperature rose I think).

I assume you mean 130F. That’s about 55C which is a normal operating temperature.

Nope, celsius. Earlier tonight it crashed as it should after going above 120C but just now it went as high as 136C before I pulled the plug.

The device will automatically shut off after 116C is reached. It will not operate above this temperature and you would see a red light.

Right. Just tried to reproduce it but now it shut down after 116C as it should. However, just before the temperature rose past that point as indicated by this log: (these are read from /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp) and even the temperature in the UI showed 130C after stopping playback.

In any case, I’m getting super high temperatures.

Nothing obvious in the log.
Does this only happen with playback?

Yes, only when I play 4K 60fps HEVC. Idle temperature is around 60C, playback for 4K 24fps HEVC is around 70-75C.

Here are some logs including the crash due to temperatures going above 116C:

It could be an issue with the file.
I’m confused how it can be 4K 60 when it’s a commercial Blu-ray rip.

Admittedly, the device shouldn’t overheat. There are thermal improvements in our next kernel.

Gemini Man UHD is HFR…

Didn’t realise that. It would be good to get a sample.

86mb/s 10bit 4k at 60fps and downsampling to two channel LPCM and a screen overlay on top of that. This sounds like a torture test.

If you enable passthrough, does the problem go away?


I watched the first 10-15 minutes to see what the HFR was like (it’s awful) but didn’t have any playback issues with pass through on