No sound after few hours/minutes of playback

Hello OSMC team/users,

Issue was already well described here(1st post): Sound keeps dropping i cant take it any more:)

I’m creating this new topic, as topic above is related to AppleTV, mine issue with same symptoms is happening on RPI:

I have two RPI deices, both having issue:

RPI2 - SD card root - wifi connectivity only, connected via HDMI.
RPI3 - NFS root - RJ45 connectivity only, connected via HDMI.

Both RPIs are connected to different LCD televisions from different
manufacturer. I don’t have any modification on OSMC, just blank system,
that is up2date and one entry in /etc/fstab to mount my samba shared
storage from where I play movies.

Here is log uploaded. Log was created ~5 minutes after issue happened. Hope you can find there reason:
This log was created on RPI3 mentioned above.

Please let me know if I can help any further with providing more details.