Sound keeps dropping i cant take it any more:)

ok so for some reason the sound keeps just stoping…if it takes to long for a show or something to load then once it starts there is no sound, i back out of the show, and still no sound when i am going thru the menu etc…and yes i have a setting selected for sounds within kodi… but for some reason the sound just drops and i am forced to force restart… im finally tired of dealing with it, so i wanted to post to ask of any solutions…

Are you using sound through HDMI, or are you using sound through the left and right (red and white) audio ports on the ATV, or are you using optical audio?

hdmi, maybe its the handshake? between the tv and hdmi? never had this issue with anything else tho…

I know this sounds odd, but do you have hdmi set as your default sound output?

yup sounds odd, its only connected thru the tv thru hdmi…so not sure what ur asking?

I think RealTrueGrit means to check your audio settings. System settings under Audio Output on the first line you select your audio output. Mine is set to Pi:hdmi but there is one for Pi:analogue and Pi: both etc.

yes, go to system -> settings -> system -> audio output ->audio output device (and change that to the HDA intel, HDMI) if it is not already set as that by default.

im sorry guys but i already stated im on hdmi! my problem is that the sound drops and doesnt come back at times unless i force a reebooot

We would need a debug log to see why this may be occurring.

sounds good sam, ill try and get one this week sometime

Having the same experience, only once in a while. Appears at high quality streaming through hdmi. After pausing for a few seconds sound is back…

mine wont return, so ill get a log might not be till next week tho as im away as of tomorrow and no time today…

Need debug logs chaps, otherwise it’s the equivalent of ‘My car won’t start’…

Hello Sam,

I’m facing same issue, but it is on RPI. I have 2 RPI devices:

RPI2 - SD card root - wifi connectivity only, connected via HDMI.
RPI3 - NFS root - RJ45 connectivity only, connected via HDMI.

Both RPIs are connected to different LCD televisions from different manufacturer. I don’t have any modification on OSMC, just blank system, that is up2date and one entry in /etc/fstab to mount my samba shared storage from where I play movies.

Here is log uploaded. Log was created ~5 minutes after issue happened. Hope you can find there reason:
This log was created on RPI3 mentioned above.

Please let me know if I can help any further.

The poster above is using an Apple TV, not a Raspberry Pi.

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