No sound through audio jack on RPi after update

I have an RPi just updated to latest osmc/Kodi.
There and HDMI cable to the TV and an audio cable to my amplifier.
I used to get sound through both connections, so I could play music without having to turn the TV on.
There are historic posts suggesting this can be acheived by selecting ‘Analog Output’ in the Audio Settings but I can’t see this anymore.
Expert Settings are enabled.
The closest setting I can see is ‘Output Audio Device’
This lists two options:
vc4-hdmi, MAI PCM i2s-hifi-0 (default)
vc4-hdmi, SAM SAMSUNG on HDMI

Switching options has no effect.
What have I missed ?

Posting logs.

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Doh !

I found a note in a post from last year - No 3.5mm analogue audio output option, since latest update, Pi 3B - #2 by fzinken
and have added


to /boot/config-user.txt

This has added an analogue output device (bcm2835 Headphones) which will output audio to the amplifier. But there does not seem to be an option to output both any more.

Correct. There isn’t.