No sound through SPDIF - July update

Hi chaps,

In work at the moment, should’ve uploaded a log last night, but it was late. Since the update last night I’ve no sound coming out the optical port. I checked the settings and the optical output was not an option. So I rebooted and the option was back, so I picked it, went to play a video, and again, no sound. So went back to the options panel and the passthrough output was greyed out with the HDMI selected.

I’ll try to get a log later, but wondering has anyone else encountered this?

Haven’t seen this myself. You need to check for ‘SPDIF’ and ensure it is selected for both passthrough and playback. It’s possible you may need to set this manually as the device name may have changed during the kernel upgrade.


Thanks Sam, Hard to remember what the settings said exactly but the one at the very top only had a choice of ‘something,something,HDMI’ or ‘Default,something,something,HDMI’,

The passthrough options had ‘something,something,HDMI’ all the time and SPDIF after a reboot (went away after attempting playing).

I’ll double check later, get a log and maybe upload a screenshot.

Screenshot and log will definitely help. Meanwhile I will investigate myself


Hi, just updated my Vero too, and get the same problems. Sometimes SPDIF is not there to select at all, and sometimes it is there. When I select in for both passthrough and playback I still get no sound. There is no red light eminating from the SPDIF port either.

Here is my logs for this problem:

Also directly after the reboot of the upgrade the screen went black and I had to pull the power. This also happens sometimes when I choose “reboot” from within Kodi. Black before the OSMC splash screen.

I’ll talk to @mk01 about this and investigate myself.


In the interim, I can understand you’d like to watch some TV and listen to some music. While we investigate, you should be able to run this command via SSH (you will lose some 3D autoswitching support and 23.976Hz temporarily) to revert to the older kernel. When a newer kernel is out that fixes this, you will receive it as an update without any manual intervention:

sudo apt-get install vero-image-3.14.37-14-osmc --reinstall


Thanks, appreciated. I was about to ask for a downgrade option. 23.976 was waited for, but sound is more important for now. :smile:

Glad to hear its not just me

here’s my log if it helps:

I do have the SPDIF entries in both audio selections since I rebooted again, but no sound, and no light from the port.

I’m happy to downgrade for now.


I am using a MySQL-db which was upgraded with the update to Isengard. Can I use this database if I downgrade with your command?

Just to make you aware that I have the same issue as well. Do you think this will be fixed in the next 24 hours or should I downgrade?

There is no timeframe at the moment but I’m still working on it.

That command only downgrades the Linux kernel not the Kodi version, so no, it will not cause you database issues. (You will still be on Isengard)

I just did the downgrade of the kernel as shown. However, after this the Vero is constantly turning on my TV. If I turn off my TV it turns back on in a couple of seconds! I have to pull either the TV’s power plug now, or pull the HDMI from the Vero to keep my TV turned off.
How can I revert to a more functioning version? I’ll even take the latest with non-working SPDIF, but how?
Any fix in sight btw?

I’m not able to replicate this issue on my device yet, so still searching.


Thats strange. Could it be that a complete re-flash would fix the problem maybe then? That something went wrong in the upgrade process? However I just saw that the latest image is not downloadable yet.

The upgrade process is very reliable. We have not made the new image available yet as the Walkthrough has some issues and Kodi 15.1 is around the corner.

I’ll keep looking. DBMandrake can probably help, I’ve shot him a quick message about downgrading. In the interim, if worst comes to worst, the June 2015 image (and not upgrading), should serve you fine.

I am investigating this immediately so stay tuned


I just re-flashed with the June image and tried to update again. The error persists. No light or sound from the SPDIF.
I’ll re-flash again and stay on the June release for the moment I think.

Well, I can not use the June-release I discovered since my MySQL database has already been updated. This leaves me to have to use the July release and the vero-image-3.14.37-14-osmc to be able to get a working SPDIF port. As I stated before, this configuration is making the Vero constantly turning on my TV after I turn the TV off, so have to turn off the Vero every time now. A bit of a drag and causing some grunt with the family members. :frowning: Hope this issue can be solved soon.
However I find it strange that the error cannot be reproduced since I can reproduce it repeatedly with a clean install. Hardware differences? Otherwise It would affect every persons SPDIF port on the Vero with this release?