No /var/log/syslog

Where do system logs go to? I’m using OSMC Alpha 4.

Thank you!

thank you

“Not Found”

Is it possible that this page:

Getting OSMC logs to diagnose problems

could be updated to show the actual log file locations?

I cannot upload the files from within MyOSMC because although my Pi has network access, OSMC does not. I’d like to manually upload the logs to, but I don’t know where they are.

I join to the request from Buadhai.
I’m suffering some wifi disconnections on RC2 but can’t see nothing on logs.

I started to use journalctl, but I can’t see previous information between reboots.
Also I miss daemon.log.
Where can we see actual and previous logs?

Thank you!

I haven’t checked to see if OSMC for RPi is the same, but I was pointed to a way to save the logs to SD card in this thread

Check this post: