No Video on Onkyo TX-NR656's Firmware 2139-8050-7090-0010

Hi. Vero 4K+ was working prior to FW version 2139-8050-7090-0010. Now when I play, there’s audio but no video on screen only during playback. It’s like the video goes on standby. When I press the stop button, the menu comes back on. What’s weird is that it plays videos under 4K UHD just fine. Any ideas? This is the log.
Using a 4k BD player on the AVR seems to play fine.

Using the October 2018 firmware for Vero 4k+. Video resolution is at 1080p and Auto Adjust Refresh Rate is set to Always.

Have you tried to bypass the AVR and connect the Vero to the TV with a single premium/ultra high speed hdmi cable? Just to verify the AVR is the devil …


Whatever Onkyo means by that.

@JimKnopf I’ll try that. Thank you.
Yes. I also don’t understand what Onkyo meant by update needed 2x. Maybe scan for an update again?

I’ve got same receiver and have no issues. Check hdmi cable maybe?

@pinn73 so weird! Thank you for letting me know :smile: I’ll try to change HDMI cable. A few questions if you don’t mind.

  1. What’s your firmware version? Is it the latest?
  2. Did you update twice? Just like JimKnopf found out?
    There must be something that I must be doing wrong.

I updated 3 or 4 weeks ago so assume it’s the latest. I can check when home.

The update just processed once as I recall.

I do remember that I got drop out on my xbox when I had 4k upscaling on the receiver. Maybe worth trying that too.

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Weird. For no apparent reason the player works well on the AVR now. Maybe just a loose HDMI or something. Thanks @JimKnopf & @pinn73 for helping me :blush:

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Perhaps he power cycled the receiver and the update kicked in.

He turns his whole system off when he goes to work. Then he turned on his system the next day for us to troubleshoot. Weird right? Maybe a 2nd update automatically installed during this time? The issue disappeared on the 3rd try. So it’s a 2nd power cycle (my guess).

No update can take place without user acknowledgment.

He means for the AV receiver.

Yes. I meant the receiver. Sorry for the confusion.

And the problem is back.

Can you elaborate a bit more?


Sorry. Same problem. History is …

  1. When playing 1080p, works fine.
  2. Playing 4k, no video but there’s audio.
  3. Only playing 4k video sends a “no signal” to the display. Stopping the 4k video, display doesn’t get signal again.
  4. Blu-ray player (4k) works without a hitch.
  5. Changed HDMI cable. Still the same issue.
  6. We thought it was a fluke because it went back to normal after a while but now symptoms are back.

Sorry. TV doesn’t turn off but rather, the TV says “no signal”

What is make and model of TV?
Does he have an AVR?

Can he reproduce it consistently? If so – what are the steps to reproduce?


Hi @sam_nazarko
Yes. AVR.
Samsung UA65KU6000G
Onkyo TX-NR656
Firmware 2139-8050-7090-0010
Log is in the 1st post
Sorry. After stopping the 4k file the display doesn’t come back.

Please wait for a post tomorrow. We will release a hotfix. It’s really hard to know what the issue is from the details here; but there’s a chance this may improve things


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