No WiFi after May update

This morning I was notified of updates (apparently this is the May 2017 update) and so I applied the update. After the update, there is no wireless device detected, so it cannot connect to the network. (Obviously this makes getting logs to you a problem I haven’t the time to resolve right now)

(Note: this is NOT the Pi that I earlier reported a different update error on, with the April security update. But it IS the Pi that needed a wireless driver to be enabled for the TP-Link adapter)

I believe this is the same as

There’s a potential solution there, but needs some testing.

Oops. Did not see that other one.

Unfortunately that fix did not work for me.

Thanks for the log. I can see the driver now loads correctly and your device connected to Parry1Sound network. Is this not correct?

You can try connecting manually via connmanctl. See here for an example: Could not connect to Wi-Fi - #16 by DBMandrake

That’s odd. I mean, that is correct, but during boot it spent a full minute or so on blue OSMC screen with a text message at the top and a red sort of progress meter “[ ** ]” bouncing back and forth. The first time I had seen this was today when the WiFi failed, so I assumed it was telling me it was still disconnected. I’ll try again.

EDIT: Yes, it is working now. Although dmesg does seem to indicate that after failing to connect to one of the wireless LANs in range, and seems to connect to the other (the one it was using before), I needed to go to My OSMC and choose that network again to make it stick I guess.

Thanks for your help!