NOrd VPN and Kodi

Hello I would like to setup Nord VPN om ny Vero 4k. But this is not supported anymore in Open VPN. Any idea how I could setup Nord VPN on my Vero ? Why did they stop supporting Nord VPN ?

First please delete you double posting!
Secondly if nordvpn is openvpn based it will continue to be supported as before.

I do not see anything in Open VPN. I can not choose Nord VPN form the providers. Any idea ?

Are you referring to any special kodi Addon that enables VPN’s? If that is the case suggest to approach the Addon developer.
Otherwise here the link to the Nordvpn openvpn instructions.

And once more please delete your second thread that you opened for same topic

I deleted it for you as you seems not have found the delete button

Hi, I too would like to use NORDVPN, Is it possible to download it to a usb stick and transfer it to my vero/kodi box running libre elec, Or is it possible to download it directly to my vero please, I would also like a reasonably pleasant reply, I am a newbie to all this, I am beginning to wonder why i bothered to buy the product, It seems to me to be restricted to only operating it in a certain way which suits some very ill mannered nerds who could very easily help but always choose the most irritating and demeaning to newbies way of answering, It’s a bit like asking the windows community for help, Please can you help? :slight_smile:

Are you sure you’re using a Vero?
We don’t ship the Vero with LibreELEC.

Installing a VPN is quick and easy to do, and we’re happy to help you with this, but we need to know what platform you’re using.


Hmm, you expect us to help you with an opening statement like that…

Did you read the instructions linked above? That should help you.

Yes i did, Excuse me…

Please expand on the above questions I put and let us know where you need help. We’re here to help; but we need a bit more detail about where you’re stuck.

I have been going around in circles all weekend, During this time i have been making various notes, One note i have in front of me says i am Libre elec, Sorry but in the mass of things i have been through i can’t remember exactly where the note came from though i know it will have been from the vero box somewhere…

A Vero comes with OSMC not LibreELEC.
Did you install LibreELEC?

Can you show us a picture of your box and maybe the menus on your screen?



Thank you for trying to help, I use my computer separately from my vero as i know my computer is protected, My vero is not protected so i have not attempted to sync it with my computer, This is how it all started with getting a vpn, Everywhere i read it strongly advises getting a vpn…

I think you need to explain to us exactly what you are trying to do, and why you think you need a VPN. If you are just connected your Vero to your computer at home on the same network, there is absolutely no reason for a VPN. A VPN is only useful if you are connecting outside your home network.

OK…I purchased my vero as a media centre, To sit under my TV completely separate from my computers, I was under the impression that the vero would give me more access to the world via the internet through my crt tv, Have i been fool and got it all completely wrong (again)<life quote…thanks in advance

So you are not trying to watch content that you have locally stored, you are trying to stream over the internet? If that’s the case, you can only do that from official paid (or free) providers. With the next version of Kodi, Netflix will be available.

If you are trying to stream from other sources, you are in the wrong place for help as we don’t support piracy here.

We can help you set up a VPN, but we need to know what device you’re actually using. Please follow the above instructions.

LOL, Geez…I was expecting that reply, Hence the tone of my original inquiry, Thanks bmillam, Just to confirm, I am not trying to do anything illegal and nore do i want to, I am just trying to make my little indoor world more entertaining in the cheapest way i can, Nice one (Y)

Please answer the above questions so we can help you proceed with this.

We don’t have a lot to go on currently

Ok, that’s fine then. So you need to tell us what you’ve tried, and what doesn’t work, and you still have not answered @sam_nazarko s question.