Not detecting Wifi USB card - PiFi WLU6331 on RaspPi Zero

Hello :slight_smile:

I have installed the latest version of OSMC on my new Raspberry Pi zero and it does not seem to be detecting the wifi dongle at all.
I read a scary thread from around July 2015 that this would be supported in the next version, but I am not sure if the compatibility was added to the Raspi1/Zero branch of the builds?

The Dmesg and other commands i have seen on other posts to check if wifi is enabled etc, just dont seem to have any output similar to any of the discussions that I have read on here.

Has anyone had any joy from the Zero with the official wifi adaptor?

Thanks :smiley:


The official WiFi adapter has been supported in OSMC for some time.

If dmesg is not showing the device, then it’s not connected properly.

Hi Sam,

Thank you very much for such a quick reply.

It could be that I am using a usb hub because the Zero only has one port. I shall have another poke at it when I get home and can plug in the dongle without the hub and view all the assigned IP addresses on the network.

Have a fantastic weekend.