Not Rotating Portrait Videos

So I noticed when I tried to play back phone videos that were shot in portrait mode (I know, I know!) the video isn’t rotated correctly. I confirmed that the metadata is set correctly. I tried to override it in the settings and it got worse (it had the black bars as if it was rotated but the video was still sideways). When I turn off “Allow hardware acceleration - amcodec” the video is rotated correct but (expectedly) stutters.

I guess same topic as here

Are you on 4.9 or 3.14?

Sorry now sure what you mean by that… I have “OSMC June 2020.06-1”. I just upgraded last night and that didn’t make any difference. Kodi 18.7

Kernel 3.14 is the main kernel used in the stable release. Kernel 4.9 was released as a testing Kernel.
So if you don’t know I assume you are on 3.14 but if you upload logs we can verify.

ah I see it now… Linux 3.14.29-158-osmc