Not Rotating Portrait Videos

So I noticed when I tried to play back phone videos that were shot in portrait mode (I know, I know!) the video isn’t rotated correctly. I confirmed that the metadata is set correctly. I tried to override it in the settings and it got worse (it had the black bars as if it was rotated but the video was still sideways). When I turn off “Allow hardware acceleration - amcodec” the video is rotated correct but (expectedly) stutters.

I guess same topic as here

Are you on 4.9 or 3.14?

Sorry now sure what you mean by that… I have “OSMC June 2020.06-1”. I just upgraded last night and that didn’t make any difference. Kodi 18.7

Kernel 3.14 is the main kernel used in the stable release. Kernel 4.9 was released as a testing Kernel.
So if you don’t know I assume you are on 3.14 but if you upload logs we can verify.

ah I see it now… Linux 3.14.29-158-osmc


I see quite a couple of threads describing this issue, but none to them ends up with a solution. Is it still an open issue? I think most of us now are on kernel 4.9, but the orientation is obviously not used when HW acceleration is enabled on a vero 4K for some videos (ex.: video orientation debug -

This was an issue a couple of years ago.

If I remember correctly, only videos on an iPhone were affected, but this was solved.

Thanks Sam. Well, do you remember how this was solved? Because the problem is still there on my setup (vero 4K with OSMC 2022.03-1 / kernel 4.9.113). Or maybe back again, as I think it was not there some releases ago.

We are talking a long time ago in terms of development time.

I’ve added you to a test build of our next video stack. It would be good if you could see if the issue exists there.

Unfortunately not better. Videos still not rotated correctly with osmc 2021.12-1 / kernel 4.9.269 (sd release).

All the portrait clips I have play OK. Can you post a sample that doesn’t play for you?

I note the mediainfo you posted has width>height and orientation 180 degrees. Based on that you could expect to have to set the rotation in the OSD.

Sure, get it here. Thanks for your help.

Plays as landscape in Celluloid on LinuxMint for a start. Difficult to tell if it’s supposed to be portrait.

Well, it is actually a landscape video, but you’re supposed to see it rotated 180°.
Here is an actual portrait video where the problem may be more obvious.

Just so we’re on the same page, the first clip you posted does play landscape and upside down here. The second clip plays portrait but rotated 270.

If I choose any other orientation in the OSD I get garbage. Is this what you are seeing?

IIRC the issue last time was with Kodi. I’ll do some more digging.

Exactly. Thanks.
The problem seems to be specific to hardware acceleration on the vero 4K.