Not working anymore --> Wifi, USB Hubs

Hi Sam,

Received my Vero 4K+ during the week, and for a few days it was going fantastic. However now all of a sudden something is going wrong!

Everything was perfectly functional before, now I can no longer use wifi, and the usb hubs no longer recognise my external hard drives :S

Please see this full log, hopefully I did it correctly!

My issue seems very similar to Vero 4k, wifi not working so I worry it may be a hardware fault, but I really hope not!


The log is fine, though I’m less sure about the WiFi on your Vero4K+. This line in the log looks a bit suspicious:

Apr 27 19:02:18 LACH-VERO kernel: dhdsdio_probe_attach: unsupported chip: 0x0000

I have a non-plus Vero4K and don’t see such an “unsupported chip” message, so it might be normal but specific to the plus, That said, the log also contains no reference to wlan0, so it could well be a hardware problem. @sam_nazarko will be better able to advise.

This message can appear if the SDIO bus is not getting enough power.

What hub are you using, is it powered? Can you try disconnecting it and cold booting the Vero?

Hi Sam,

I wasn’t using a powered hub, however even when swapping to one did not make a difference :frowning:

I left the Vero powered off overnight, turned it on this morning and got nothing, rebooted and for 30 seconds network and usb drive worked, but has since stopped working and I’m unable to get it back.

Any ideas? I created a new log after cold booting, then plugging in the USB after. Really hoping we can sort this one out!

Are you connecting a USB hard drive without a powered hub?
This won’t work reliably.

You will need to provide external power.

Even with a powered USB hub the drive isn’t getting picked up!

What about the wifi? It doesn’t appear in the list of available networking.

Please reboot the device without any USB hub attached and then run:

sudo apt-get install lshw
sudo lshw | paste-log

Make a note of the URL, then attach the powered USB hub (with attached disk) and run:

sudo lshw | paste-log
grab-logs -A

then post the three URLs.