Official Remote & Raspberry Pi 3 - Bottom Half Not Working

Hi all,

The buttons on the bottom half of my remote (ie: back, menu, play/pause, stop, rewind, fast forward) no longer work.

dmesg shows the IR receiver, irw shows the keypresses on the top half (ie: home, info, OK and the arrows in the ring) but not the bottom half. I switched the lirc.conf to another remote and back again to see if that helped, and I have, of course, rebooted more than a few times.

What can I try next?


Oh, and I’m on the latest (August) update.

If you look at the remote output with a digital camera (phone camera) do you see flashes when the buttons are pressed? Digital cameras will “see” infrared light

I pointed the remote at the camera on my phone, and yes, it lights up blue towards one side when I press any button (top or bottom). Good news, I hope - that I think rules out the possibility that I sat on the remote at some point and broke the bottom half :smiley:

If you open /etc/lirc/osmc-remote-lircd.conf in a text editor is the file complete? It should look like this

Please make this file available to others

by sending it to

this config file was automatically generated

using lirc-0.9.0-pre1(default) on Thu Jan 8 11:26:07 2015

contributed by Dilligaf

brand: OSMC

model no. of remote control:

devices being controlled by this remote:

begin remote

name OSMC
bits 5
eps 30
aeps 100

one 872 807
zero 872 807
plead 886
pre_data_bits 8
pre_data 0x84
gap 107676
toggle_bit_mask 0x800

begin codes
KEY_UP 0x11
KEY_OK 0x14
end codes

end remote

@Dilligaf The new remote is RF, not IR, so using a camera to check for IR signals isn’t necessary. When the remote is paired and sending signals correctly it emits a blue flash visible to the naked eye.

LIRC is not used for the OSMC remote, only eventlircd is.

I wouldn’t expect irw to show the keypresses for most of the keys; use evtest instead. We deliver some keys via two different input pathways, which means you’ll need to select one of the two devices individually to verify each key. It does sound like the remote is functionally fine however and that this is just software related

Debug log should show why the remote isn’t working. Do you remember making recent changes to your system?

I assumed it was the old one. OP, what color is your remote? White or black? The original remote is white, new remote is black.

He said the light was blue.

IR remotes have a red window light

Yeah, this is one of the new remotes, it’s black. The lirc.conf file looks complete, and matches what’s above.

I don’t remember making any specific changes recently, I’m afraid, but I’m sure it’s something I did.

Could you let me know where to find that debug log?

You want me to turn on any component specific logging before I do this?

The RF remote does not use LIRC, so this isn’t relevant.

Just upload logs. A reinstall will of course get the remote running again quickly, but I understand this probably isn’t ideal!


Logs are here:

If anything jumps out, let me know, otherwise, I’ll reinstall.

Thanks for your help!

Nothing obvious unfortunately.

Okidoke, will reinstall. Thanks for checking!

Hmm, completely fresh install, but still not working… guess that means it’s most likely hardware related, right? :frowning:

Could be. You could run evtest to see if the buttons are coming through via the input layer. That would be the best way to test.

I got this when evtesting:

  This device is grabbed by another process.
  No events are available to evtest while the
  other grab is active.
  In most cases, this is caused by an X driver,
  try VT-switching and re-run evtest again.
  Run the following command to see processes with
  an open fd on this device
 "fuser -v /dev/input/event1"

This is on a fresh install, after rebooting twice. I stopped Kodi as well to see if Kodi was grabbing it, but doesn’t look like that was it.

You need to stop eventlircd

Ah, OK, got it. Unfortunately it’s not showing anything for any buttons except the five way rocker and the home key.

Guess I screwed it somehow :frowning:

Thanks for all your help anyway :slight_smile: