Official Youtube Addon


I think Youtube add on something discussed a lot in kodi world. The plugin included by OSMC (or repo included by OSMC) has lot of problems:
quota exceed, content provider problems and so on.

My understanding is that the original author do not work on it any more.
So my first question is: which is the official repo now?
I found this (5.2.2):

is this the official add on?

Looking at here it seems so:

It seems that to avoid the addon ask you always to login I have to generate some keys to avoid quote exceed. There is a procedure in it and I can follow it.

Could someone clarify these doubts? I am not able to have this addon working unless to login at each OSMC restart.
I have already spent few hours trying to have this add on working without problems but it’s not so easy. I also tried to generate my own keys but no success.

This is a Kodi specific issue that you should address there. OSMC has no bearing on your problem.

Look at one of these two links … …