Ongoing issues with attached media

I have had issues with a hard drive that wouldnt reconnect. Now I have similar issues but with hard drive and usb sticks

iI was suggested to reinstall osmc and restore a back up. the hard drive seemed to work for a small while and then seems to cause the vero to crash. The vero worked fine with two attached usb drives but now even those cause issues. Mainly on rebooting is just cycles round trying to restart.

I have removed all the usb drives/sticks and the vero will boot but the sticks wont show. Ive not tried connecting the hard drive after that causing issues every time.

logs @ puhuqozuvi

there was also a error message something about gizmetro which I think is something to do with the weather app. I will try and sort this later as there are some threads

Could my back up be part of the issue should I reinstall and start all over again from scratch

How are the hard drives powered?

a 4 port powered hub. I think it was bought from here

How many and what type of drives are attached?

Can you boot the Vero without drives attach a single drive and then upload logs?
Is it working if you connect the USB Hub with all those drives to another PC?
What is the SD Card your have installed? Is that working as expected?

I have an sd card
x2 usb sticks
usb powered hard drive

Rebooted the vero4k+
attached a usb stick, it mounted and played a video file fine. Removed and swapped for the other usb stick and still all seemed ok. Removed the 2nd stick and attached the usb hard drive. This mounted initially.

I added the movie location tried to update the movie library. It started to add movies but then I was going to add the TV locations but the vero got stuck. I tried rebooting with the hard drive and nothing worked. I have unplugged the hard drive rebooted with x2 sticks ok.

logs @ubamowicik

the issues seem to be with the hard drive connected. I have had a similar issue previously with a larger usb powered drive and started using this one when that stopped working. Both of these hard drives worked well for a long time then started with issues without any warning.

The power supplies may have degraded over time.

Might want to check the SMART data on your drives too while your at it.