Reconnecting hard drive

my USB hard drive has stopped connecting. it has worked well for some time.

Lately when connected it didnt automatically appear but a reboot did the trick.

Now when connecting it still wont appear and a reboot sends the vero4k+ into a cycle of reboots. I had to pull the power supply to stop the cycle.

So how can I add the hard drive back to the vero


Does the drive work connected to any other device?

Also how is the drive powered, does it have its own power supply?

Regards Tom.

yes it works in other devices.

it gets power from a powered usb hub. It might be one bought from here.

I have uploaded logs zeciwonuga.

During this process the hard drive did appear after a small time in the file manager list. Normally this is is almost instant.

it looking like you have fixed it

the vero was slow for 4 or 5 mins but now appears to be working


In your log I’m seeing a lot of errors like this:

error <general>: GetDirectory

I would consider backing up your settings, do a reinstall and restore of your settings.

Regards Tom.