Only wake from app?

Is there a way to stop the Vero 4k+ from waking up whenever the TV is turned on (thus turning on the media server and amp and changing TV input)?
Either by using an app (I have Kore) or a button on the remote which isn’t repeated on the TV remote.
I would still like the TV to control the Vero transport controls and switch off the Vero (or put it into a state where it doesn’t switch itself back on) when I switch the TV off.

I have tried all sorts of settings; the other devices don’t have as many options as the Vero but they all seem to behave which I assume is down to having a power switch.

This should be configurable via CEC.


Thanks Sam, I agree. . .

Do you mean it is configurable or it isn’t but should be?

It should already be available under Settings -> Input -> Peripherals -> CEC.


I would be interested to know what settings I need to change from this menu.

Since buying the Vero, it will not reliably stay on standby so I left it on and switched off the ‘auto on’ setting on the TV itself. This helped but means that all the devices that used to switch on the TV no longer do that. I have now noticed that my amplifier keeps switching to the Vero input when I’m trying to watch from my Fire Stick. I would like the Vero to work in the same way as the other devices but, without a power switch, I don’t think it’s possible.

In short I would like:

  1. Volume and transport controls to work from the TV remote.
  2. Powering the TV off also puts the Vero in a state where it can only be switched back on via the app.


Disable “Switch source to this device on startup”
Disable “Wake devices when deactivating the screensaver”
Disable “Force AVR to wake up when Kodi is activated”

Set “When the TV is switched off” to “Suspend”
If the Vero still wakes up without user interaction post debug enabled logs to check what wakes it up.

Thanks, I have followed your instructions and there is still no change. The log is here:
It should show that I switched off the TV, which switched off the amp and vero, as required.
When the TV was switched back on, the amp auto switched on and, as it was set to the vero input, the vero also switched out of suspend and started up my server*.
I do not want anything to get the vero out of suspend mode automatically unless it’s a very specific choice (like a press on the vero remote or app), I don’t want the amp or tv to get the vero out of suspend and I don’t want the vero to force the amp to the vero input when I’m trying to use the Firestick plugged into the amp.

*This seems to be new; It used to only switch on the server when I selected a video, now it does it as soon as I press any button.

Thanks for any help.

I’m still hopeful for a solution to this.
The vero switches on if I set the amp to the vero input or if I switch the TV off then the vero is off (this then switches the TV back on). I would like to stop these two things from happening without losing the other CEC commands.

This would be my biggest feature request - as I’m still toggling power every day due to my TV refreshing it’s sources and thereby waking my vero… this is driving me nuts :wink:

Is there any chance to only wake from standby (I know it’s not much more than a special kodi screensaver with some scripts) when a remote button (cec remote and vero connected remote) was pressed?

Or even have some CEC events filtered/selected as specific wakeup reasons?

one must have dreams…


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The Vero should only be waking up when something causes it to exit the screensaver. The standby mode is effectively configured by using a faux screensaver


Hi Sam,

so this is something deep inside Kodi you can’t change easily?
I’ll see if this can gain some momentum in the kodi forums.


A log should show the wake up reason


Hi Sam,

my problem is I know the wakeup reason (CEC voodoo by the TV) but I’m not happy with it :wink:
Basically I wan’t CEC only to interact with the Vero when it’s not in standby.

[Edit]: CEC-Button presses on the other hand should wake the device/devices but the source scanning CEC-broadcasts could be filtered somwhow? Maybe libCEC is the key here?


What signal is the TV sending?


Hi Sam,

I’ll do a quick writeup this afternoon as I’m not home at the moment.

best regards

Hi @Anthrax,
Any luck? I now have workarounds (ie a tedious shutdown routine) for most of the vero problems. The remaining biggie is that the Vero switches itself ON when I turn the tv OFF.

I recall this being an issue some years ago, and we had a downstream fix as the problem existed in libCEC itself.

I can produce some test builds if you are happy to try. It would be good to get this solved.


I’ve built new versions of libCEC which are now in staging

I’m happy to try. I would need some pretty detailed instructions though!

Hi Sam,

I’ll jump on it the second I come home tonight!
Just to clarify - as long as I’m on stretch-devel main and do an update later today I’'ll be using the staging version of libCEC - correct?

would love to see this go away,