OSMC and MAME 2003-Plus add-on


I have a fresh osmc installation on my rpi3B

I really don’t understand the purpose of the ARCADE (MAME 2003-Plus) add-on. I found it under emulators. I had activate it.

I installed too the Advanced Mame Launcher but i’m unable to find the mame binary.

I have Full Non-Merged MAME 0.78 ROM collection with CHDs and Samples

I hope some help here.

First of all MAME2003 isn’t working in OSMC (see the list in the Link last in this post)

There is no glorius front end yet:

Click games menu on main page
Click Add games
Navigate to you rom forlder
and add that source

To play then just navigate to your rom, in your rom-source, and click it.

This is a good read too:

Thanks for replying.

I saw that FAQ but I didn’t get the point.

That list of compatibility seemed weird to me : I thought MAME could run obviously on any gnu/linux distro …

I would like to contribute, unfortunately I think my abilities are not OK to do this …