OSMC Animations

Hello everyone!
Here’s the animations I made for OSMC:

Simple version:
OSMC Animation 1A (8sec)

OSMC Animation 1B (8sec)

Bubbles version:
OSMC Animation 2A (10sec)

OSMC Animation 2B (10sec) (Default OSMC Animation)

I’ll probably make more animations so people can customize the OSMC intro further.


Thanks for taking the time to do these.
I’m definitely looking at adding an animated splash screen in a near future update; but I’ll defer to the community for feedback about what they like.


I think they look cool, especially the last two.

Both Bubbles :osmc: versions looks great,well done

I confirm. I like the Bubbles animations :slight_smile:

I’m probably in the minority, here, but personally I like everything to happen as quickly as possible, and to have the smallest number of visual distractions one can possibly have. Obviously I have no difficulty with other people using it differently :slight_smile: but I’d ideally like the option to switch off every animation and transition completely, and boot at maximum speed.


1A or 1B for me. I’m not a massive fan of the bubbles.


Me too. The bubbles look like OSMC is boiling away.

I like the bubbles, the background color 1B+2B. If the bubbles could be replaced by something looking more like smoke one could think the OSMC sign is just burned by a laser … ok, I know, too much imaginativeness.

I agree… Or like it’s somehow related to O2 :see_no_evil:

From the OSMC skin standpoint, I’d prefer backgrounds 1B and 2B as well. :+1:t2:

Well, I rather see the bubbles be the resulte of the laser cutting the logo in :slight_smile:

All ideas are welcome for next animations!
I went with bubbles because water/ocean is part of the OSMC branding, so that was the first choice.
But I really like the laser-cutting and smoke ideas :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve downloaded the animations, they look excellent in 4k…any idea how I can make one play at startup?

This is something we’d add in to OSMC via an update.


Ok Sam.
Looking forward to it.

Another +1 for the first two, I agree with @angry.sardine :+1:t2:


I’d like them if they had sound. Like your LibreElec ones. But all of the :osmc: animations are great!

Nice work! I like the first two better only animation should be faster, max 3-4 sec. Sound would be great also. Something memorable like Netflix tadaaaaaaaam :smiley:

Yeah I can add sound, I just need to find/make a cool sound FX that goes well with it, so we’ll see.
Anyways I’m going to upload a few more animations soon, this time with sound :wink:

this one