OSMC announces its stable release!


Originally published at: https://osmc.tv/2015/06/osmc-announces-its-stable-release/
Hi everyone, we’ve some big news and we think you’ll like it. Today, after a year of hard work, we’re announcing the stable release of OSMC. OSMC may be young but it has old ties and the team who have been working on it have been involved in open source TV software for over 5…


Well done, really looking forward to trying this.

Could you explain a little bit about the software versions you’re using and how they will be updated? All I know is that you use Debian Jessie. I would like to know which Kodi is being used. Does OSMC use Helix stable or Isengard beta? Will users be forced to upgrade to non-stable releases as they are pushed out? I prefer always having a stable Kodi in lieu of anything bleeding edge.



We are currently using Kodi Helix. We will not upgrade users to Isengard until it is out of testing, but we will make some test builds available for users that want to try it. We still have some work to do with our patches which sit on top of Kodi as well as binary add-on support.

We will also warn users about an upgrade before we deliver Kodi 15 so they are aware of the implications for installs using MySQL databases.

Hope this clears things up, we only push stable software to our users from now on




Well done and congratulations with the achievement of stable Version “June 2015”


First of all - Great Job :smile:

I have small question - have you prepared changelog for Final version?


Thank you Sam and congratulations to the OSMC team! Just now finished updating. Look forward to what’s in store and hope to see more improvements based on community suggestions, within reason of course.
I will be donating to the cause as soon as possible and I hope more people within the community will consider donating as well. Considering how hard you all have worked making something special and unique for us, I know any small contribution will help.

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The last set of significant changes were outlined here: https://osmc.tv/2015/06/further-improvements-to-osmc/



Good job, thanks a lot!
And good news, my Wifi dongle Asus N10 NANO works, awesome! :slight_smile:


Nice work with June 2015, everything seems to work on my Pi2.

Well,   X.265 still stutters.

The Pi 2 can’t decode H.265 in hardware and the CPU is too slow to decode HD H.265 in software, so this will never be possible.


With that said, some H265 improvements on ARM are on the immediate roadmap



Congratulations on the release. A manual update via My OSMC of my OSMC RC4 running on Pi 2 failed silently; that is, I could not see any change even if no error was reported.


RC4? I though the latest release prior to the stable was RC3?


Tried to update but server could not find any. Im still on RC 3 0.99 according to the screen


You are correct sir.


There was never an RC4.

Please start a new post outlining your problem, but before you do this, try sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y dist-upgrade beforehand


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Same here… stuck on RC3 0.9.9. .Manually update founds nothing or give me error


Did you follow my advice in the above post?



Ok SSH the string sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y dist-upgrade and it seems worked… at the end I have rebooted 'cause the system was stopped.
now in osmc settings the release is:
OSMC June 2015 2015.06-01
It’s correct?



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