Osmc Desktop environment

Hi, since osmc is based in debian , how do I access a desktop environment or how do I access packages that are installed via command line like vlc, utube and others? (I checked other threads in osmc but thru seem to be out dated. My device is raspberry pi 4 8gb ram model and I have a 32GB SD card.

I did write the Xwindows addon for kodi (osmc) back in v.16, haven’t looked at it for a couple of months so it might be a bit dated. Especially when it comes to the pi4, since i have no access to one, i can’t tailor it to pi4.

Is there any other wqy to access installed packages for debian like vlc or spotify?

It would be interesting to know what you think OSMC will do that other distributions built around a desktop, running Kodi (or VLC if you must) don’t do.

Well of course the debian aarch64(pi4) packages are available, that doesn’t mean that the X-server is hardware accelerated, so while install is possible, last time I checked VLC wasn’t really unusable.

Since you have an osmc desktop experience, if I switch to a desktop environment in osmc how can I switch back to kodi ? Thank you

Well in short, since OSMC boots into Kodi, my addon stops kodi, starts X in the background and switches. When you exit X-windows, Kodi restarts.

Got it, btw is there by any chance your desktop environment may work on rp4b? If there is a small possibility I may be able to try it out .

I have no idea, but I can’t really see any real issues, but then again I’ve got no experience with pi4. I would like you to try it and any feedback you can give me will be appreciated, I would like to work to get my solution v.19 / pi4 compatible.

I mean if it’s a 15 min process to flash the card and reinstall =)

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I am currently away from my home but I could give it a try in 5-6 hours , until then one question, where can I find your desktop experience addon?

Simple “xwindows” search on this forum would give you “my thread” as top answer, but i’ll give you the link.

You might to read the whole htread, since the switch between Kodi v.17 and 18 caused a need to change the sleep values in one of the start up files.

Btw , is it written in python 3? Because kodi 19 addoms must be written in python 3

If i remember correctly, there shouldn’t be anything that get’s messed up by the python change. I might be wrong. Most of the actions are simple bash scripting, the only part hat is python is calling the bash scripts in the background.

If there is an issue there I will quickly fix it for you =)

As I said I will try it in 5-6 hours but only python 3 addons can be installed in kodi 19 otherwise it will pop up an error such as python 3 could not be satisfied, so if it is written in python 2 it won’t work

Well 5-6 hour, i think i might be able (depending on my kids mood swings), to check if the “addon” part is python3 compatible.

Okay that sounds good, I hope your mood will be related to coding lol

Just a FYI, since you didn’t mention whether you want to run it from your TV, but you can forward X11 traffic from OSMC to your (ideally Linux-based) computer using SSH X11Forwarding.

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