Osmc freezing


My osmc is freezing every day (more then 1 time). I don’t know why. Can someone help me?!
I exported all the logs here: https://paste.osmc.tv/ficomarexi



19:43:20.679 T:1664246528   ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting
19:43:31.007 T:1688204032   ERROR: Previous line repeats 61 times.

Error messages like this a repeated quite a few times through out the log. I would backup your settings and reinstall; if issue persists replace the sd card.

Thanks Tom.


This is the only solution? :confused:


I figured out. The problem isn’t this. The problem is the ram memory. It’s very little available and the the problem happens. I have some services running in the background (transmission, samba, ssh and another’s 3). Recently I installed another and then this happened. I stop this process and the freezing don’t happened again. But memory ram it’s still low, but don’t freeze.
Any suggestions of how to optimize my system? I want use this apps. I read about .timer for .service files, but don’t know how to use they. I think this may help me.
Anyway, thanks for helping!



I still think your issues are being caused by corrupt file system.

The system should be able to free memory as required for these services, and it doesn’t sound like what you currently running is overkill.

I would try a fresh install and see if you are getting these issues when adding these services back in.

Thanks Tom.


I do this, more than 1 time. And this error (GetDirectory - Error getting) aways shows. But the freeze only happened when all the services is executing. And it is not the same moment, it takes a while for this to happen, the available ram memory is gradually diminishing.



Is this on the same sd card?

Thanks Tom.


Unfortunately yes! I just have another sd card, and it’s not class 10 :disappointed:



Then I suspect the sd card is failing, either try the non class 10 or purchase a new sd card.

I can recommend the sd card sold in the osmc store.

Thanks Tom.


I will trie this. After we did that I comment on the results.
I will considerer the buy. Thank you again!


I tried on another SD card. The problem persists.
I suspect this is a radarr, or maybe mono problem. Look at the log when I added a movie in it.
Dec 01 14:15:09 osmc mono[380]: [Info] MovieService: Adding Movie [Eighth Grade (2018)][, 489925] Path: [/media/PEN DRIVE F/Filmes/Eighth Grade (2018)]
Dec 01 14:15:09 osmc mono[380]: [Info] MediaCoverService: Downloading Poster for [Eighth Grade (2018)][, 489925] http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/original/xTa9cLhGHfQ7084UvoPQ2bBXKqd.jpg
Dec 01 14:15:09 osmc mono[380]: [Info] RefreshMovieService: Updating Info for Eighth Grade
Dec 01 14:15:12 osmc mono[380]: [Info] DiskScanService: Scanning disk for Eighth Grade
Dec 01 14:15:12 osmc mono[380]: [Info] MovieScannedHandler: [Eighth Grade] was recently added, performing post-add actions
Dec 01 14:15:12 osmc mono[380]: [Warn] MediaCoverMapper: File /home/osmc/.config/Radarr/MediaCover/9/fanart.jpg not found
Dec 01 14:17:42 osmc kernel: INFO: task kworker/0:2:18301 blocked for more than 120 seconds.
Dec 01 14:25:03 osmc kernel: Tainted: G C 4.14.78-2-osmc #1
Dec 01 14:25:03 osmc kernel: “echo 0 > /proc/sys/kernel/hung_task_timeout_secs” disables this message.
Dec 01 14:25:03 osmc kernel: kworker/0:2 D 0 18301 2 0x00000000
Dec 01 14:25:03 osmc kernel: Workqueue: events_freezable mmc_rescan

Realize that he jumped from the hour 14:17 to 14:25. This is the time he spent frozen.



Can you please provide a new debug log for the new sdcard.

Thanks Tom.


Here: http://paste.osmc.tv/xefiziyabo


The log shows a few voltage-related messages that might have a bearing on your problem:

Nov 28 22:40:17 osmc kernel: Under-voltage detected! (0x00050005)
Nov 28 22:40:24 osmc kernel: Voltage normalised (0x00000000)

There’s also a whole bunch of kworker timeout errors that might be a result of a bad card – or possibly a result of the undervoltage causing knock-on problems with the SD card.

Finally, Kodi id being killed because the system is running out of memory. It’s difficult to say if this is related to the kworker timeouts or due to the applications you’re running using up all the available memory.

All in all, perhaps you’re simply trying to run too much on a Raspberry Pi but I think the first thing to do should be to try a new power supply, if possible.


Thanks for the log analysis.
I replace the source. I stopped 1 service (I used sonarr, radarr, jackett, bazarr, transmission, ssh and samba. I stopped the samba service). Is it too much for raspberry?
I’m going to use it for a while this way, to see if that solves the problem.
I’ll bring you news as soon as possible.


That’s the least likely culprit. It’s probably all the other stuff (except ssh, don’t turn that off!)


I can stop bazarr, but all the others are the purpose of my use.
I’ve used this for a long time and it never happened. This problem has appeared recently. Maybe this is a problem of they and dont’t of OSMC



Whats the spec of the current PSU?

Thanks Tom.


It’s a 5V 3A source with 2 flash drive connected in Raspberry USBs.



I would try the 2 flash drives on a powered usb hub, there’s a good one in the osmc store.

Thanks Tom.