OSMC Installer Linux - New Release

Hi Linux Users,

I’ve been trying to bring back the Linux OSMC Installer and I’ve tested across various Distros and I’m happy with the results. I’d like to expand the testing pool to pick up any bugs I may have missed. I would appreciate it, if fellow Linux users would please test the below releases:

Debian. This release should work on Buster and Bullseye and current versions of ubuntu and Mint. Also other Debian derivatives.

Redhat. Should work on on 7 & 8 and Centos 7 & 8. Also Rocky and Almalinux. Also other Redhat derivatives and should also work on Suse as well.

Any issues please reply to this post or raise an issue on my Github.

Positive feedback will be greatly received as well.

Update 24/06/2022

Display issues reported on resolutions above 1080p. I’ve created a test release for Debian and its derivatives, (can sort out an RPM if there is any interest).

I would appreciate tests on resolutions greater than 1080p (won’t display correctly on 1080p or below), screen shots would be good as well.

Thanks Tom.

@Tom_Doyle great work.
Tried on Linux Mint 20.2 to install for Pi3 SD Card worked quite well.
Haven’t tried the NFS install for a long time is that still supported?

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Not sure about this, I’ll compile a build with this enabled and test.

Thanks Tom.

Edit @fzinken,

Currently having issues putting the latest image on a verk4k, not a plus (Older images working fine). Probably will test on a verok4+ tomorrow. In the mean time I’ve created a beta with nfs enabled, it can be found here. If you wanted to test it.

That’s just for debian, if any one wants try on rpm distro; please let me know and I’ll build a package for that.

Sorry missread your post. Should work on pi3 with the current release. Got a spare one here. Will test tomorrow.

Edit 9/1 - @fzinken, nfs install on pi3 installed ok, but permissions issues resulted in frown face. I suspect this is down to the export on my NAS. I suspect it should work correctly, for anyway one who knows how to correctly set up the nfs share on their server.

Regards Tom.

Do you think this release will work on a minimal install of Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS Bionic?

The server functions mainly as a NAS, but I keep an updated Kodi on it just in case.

If so, when I get some time I can purge the current install and give this a go.

This does not install Kodi on a Linux system. This is for using a Linux system write an OSMC install to an SD card that is intended to run on a raspberry pi or a Vero device.

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Ah… I misread your post.

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