OSMC, Netflix, 4k/60hz HDR and uploading subtitles

is it possible to use Netflix 4k 60hz HDR and to upload your own subtitles on OSMC?
Also, is it possible to use iOS as screen (iPad)?

Netflix is limited to 720p

External subtitles are supported, yes.

AirPlay only works for sound.


This is false or at least misleading.

Netflix is limited to low bitrate content and there is plenty of content that has too high bitrate to play smoothly even at 720p

Sorry - no intention to mislead.

Can you cite some examples of 720p content that struggles to play and also confirm your Widevine version? I’ll investigate this.

There was a recent Widevine update that caused some playback regressions, but downgrading this remedies the situation.

There’s some 1080p content that plays, but not all 1080p content is viewable, which is why I suggested 720p as a limitation. I wasn’t aware of content that wouldn’t play back at this resolution.

I made this thread a back in mid august and was told that the bitrate is probably too high. At the time I was watching the first episode of https://www.pbs.org/kenburns/prohibition/ that would stutter to the point that the video would freeze and than start playing from the start sometime through the episode.

Than the next day I was watching Prison Break season 1 Episode 1 and it would play fine at the start but started stuttering and going out of synch with audio 20 min or so into the first episode.

I reported the issue but was told there is nothing I could do. So I didnt bother watching netflix on my 4k+ since. I dont know what the version of Widevine netflix was using in august when I had the issue but I provided a log in that thread so maybe you can find it in there.

I can try today again and see how things are now

Hi Sam,

How do I find out what version of Widevine I have? And how do I downgrade it?

Sorry for butting in.

See Widevine issue? - #6 by starpony

People are now reporting much better performance after another Widevine update

@k2u3 - you should try this version. Some users are reporting success with 1080p now


how/where do I check my current version of Widevine ?

what OSMC use to watch Netflix, Netflix application or browser?
Because Netflix application should support 4k 60Hz HDR, right?

Neither or, it uses a different method. But the issue why no higher resolution than 720/1028 is possible is that the stream need to be decoded by in software (CPU) instead of hardware (GPU) and therefore can not do more.

I am asking because, if OSMC use Netflix application it should be 4k 60Hz HDR because - Netflix app support this.
If OSMC use browser than of course it doesn’t support 4k because neither Chrome or Firefox supports 4k. I think one of them support 720p.
Microsoft Edge (Chromium) supports 4k 60Hz HDR.
Also, HDMI out should support HDCP 2.2 for HDR, I think.

Is it possible to use Vero 4k+ but without OSMC?
I mean, there is libraries for Android to iOS as wireless screen device.

Also, there is MS Edge for Android, so it could streaming Netflix on 4k 60Hz HDR and there is also extension for uploading yours subtitle.

In theory the Vero4k/4k+ are capable of Netflix4k(hardware wise), but would require locking down the operatingsystem we all love. OSMC stands for OPEN Source MediaCenter, and that rimes badly with closed bit’s.

I you want a 4k Netflix device buy an android box or use a TV with Netflix app. built in. If you just want to access Netflix with Kodi on a linux system, you are limited software decoding, due to License handling in Widevine.

I cannot use Netflix app if I want to upload my own subtitle, that’s the problem.

And using android box wont change that. I have never seen any streaming platform that would allow you to use your own subs.

MS Edge has extension for uploading subtitles on Netflix.
MS Edge can run on Android.
MS Edge support 4k 60Hz HDR video.
Why do you think this will not work?

Because Ms edge doesn’t run on Linux would be the first reason.

OSMC is not on Android?

No – OSMC is not based on Android.

ok, but I’ve seen this
“In addition to OSMC, Vero 2 supports the Android operating system. OSMC have developed an Android build for Vero 2 to enhance the software experience and allow users to run applications and take advantage of features not available under OSMC’s Linux distribution.”

also, i still don’t know how OSMC reproduce Netflix streaming, with their own engine, with some browser engine (like FireFox or Chrome) or with Netflix app.