Hello all, I was wondering if there was a build for osmc on PC or if there will be one? I’ve loved using osmc on my RPI but have now switched to an Intel NUC and would love to have OSMC on it. I’m currently using libreelec on it and don’t mind it, but I like having access to the OS underneath.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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The supported devices is listed here.

So at the moment there is no PC version of OSMC, but for what i know of, it is planned.

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It is indeed planned.



Any update on this?

Possibly with Kodi v19 (so end of 2019-2020).

It doesn’t make sense to develop for X11 as GBM + V4L2 is the future of accelerated media playback on Linux.

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Great news that this excellent software will soon be compatible with x64. Hopefully by the time Kodi v19 is released Intel / AMD will have completed the addition of HDR support to the Linux Kernel and also added native HDMI 2.0a/2.1 to their hardware instead of the buggy LSPCON (DP 1.2 to HDMI 2.0a protocol converter)

Yes – but keep in mind that Intel are capping HDR support to high end CPUs.


Just curious, Are there still plans for this? Love my vero 4k+‘s but at times it would be nice to have a little more horsepower. Part of the fun for me with kodi is using the labor intensive skins like Aeon MQ8 that have a lot of options. The vero’s struggle a bit at times. If this is still happening will it be able to play 3D MVC as well?

Another option would be an upgraded vero with more horsepower. Any chances of that happening in the future? Bang for the buck nothing better than a vero but why not have a more powerful option for those that want it?

Last I heard an x86 version was put on indefinite hiatus. I think the amount of interest didn’t make since for the amount of developer time it would suck up.

I think it is safe to assume a newer model of the Vero will come at some point but Sam doesn’t announce any hardware prior to release so what and when that would be isn’t something anybody in the know is going to comment on unfortunately.

I’m still curious as to why just running Kodi on a common linux distro doesn’t do what people want. If you don’t even want the OSMC skin (still available for any Kodi), what is it about OSMC that you would like to see layered on top of Kodi?


You can see here what the skin can do if interested. There’s a whole list of stuff. It fetches box office data, uses animated posters for movie covers, groups movies in box sets with collection posters and logos and has the individual movies automatically pull out from the box set. All kinds of fun stuff to tinker with. All of that needs processing power. Like I said in terms of playing the actual movie nothing better than a vero. Plays everything.


You can install Kodi on virtually any OS on a PC, install your skin of choice, and get all of these features. OSMC specifically is not necessary.

That’s true. But the vero’s are a dedicated kodi box. PC’s aren’t and require a lot more work to make it one. I went this route prior to owning vero’s. Didn’t love the maintenance plus support here is second to none. A box that plays HDR and 3D MVC doesn’t really exist other than the vero’s. Wasn’t trying to agitate anyone. Feels like I did. Apologies.

No agitation, just not sure why someone would think this was necessary to have Kodi on a PC.

Any PC with hardware that supports HDR and 3D MVC should be able to play those formats regardless. Having OSMC as an OS won’t magically bring such support to hardware that doesn’t support the formats otherwise.

I just don’t understand what issue OSMC potentially fixes? Installing a widely available linux distro to a PC is not difficult. Only remaining step would be to install Kodi which, to me, is another simple 5 min operation… I just don’t understand how hard it could be?

Maybe it’s not OSMC specifically like you are saying but I can assure you no box plays these formats nicely like the vero does. For a pc to play 3D it’s a hacked version of kodi that always has problems. Also wasn’t looking for a pc specifically. Just more horsepower so vero with a more powerful processor would obviously be ideal. I would be happy to more for a box like that

So this is what I am hearing:

"I would like someone to chose a Linux distro, and install Kodi, tweak it for a bunch of functions that is often dependent on hardware, release it as PC release and give responsive support as OSMC has on their more tailored platforms.

I agree, I would love that too. But I don’t know where to locate the resources needed.

No not at all actually. Ultimately would like a more powerful vero. That’s all. I shouldn’t have even mentioned the pc route. I did because the skin items I mentioned do run nicely on a Nuc or pc but you sacrifice ease of use and capable playback. Not going back to a nuc or pc. Vero makes things too easy. I think there would be interest in a premium vero. If I’m wrong I’m wrong. Certainly wouldn’t be the first time ha ha.

Ok, I stand corrected. But even more I agree full heartedly. I’m hoping for a hardware as “tailored” as Vero4k’s hardware, where the dev core knows the reasons of hardware choices that are being considered, knows the limitations and potential of the hardware, which also meant a better support standpoint.

I would say, keep most of all that is Vero4k now, on GPU side a little upgrade won’t hurt, like a few “never codecs” in hardware support, Opensource drivers?, I think a USB3 bus, Gbit-NIC, 4-8gb RAM, 32/64 GB internal storage, BT and WIFI AC(or never). Where CPU goes I tend to lan to ARM64, but to be honest there is still more software available for x86 cpus. I’m just glad i don’t have to sit in the spot to consider the future versions of Vero.But with support, being as good as it is, i hope the version has a bit more CPU power then needed.

What ever is going to presented will have growing pains… But I trust the choices being done for the betterment of this community. In my mind the Vero’s job is to prove the best out of OSMC, be a product that can generate some income to pay for hosting cost for OSMC, pay for development cost for OSMC.

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I don’t see much incentive to support x86/x64 anymore as ARM devices are becoming much more powerful and efficient.

We won’t be selling the Vero 4K + forever. We want to (and will) introduce newer, more powerful hardware in the future.


Awesome. Looking forward to it!