OSMC on PI 3: First impression

I’ve got hand on the new Pi 3 and did a fresh install of the latest image. I’ve noticed two things:

  • Custom Profile to adapt new clock parameters of Pi 3 cannot be stored.
  • TVHeadend did not find any muxes.
  • Weather: No Service available

I raised some questions about OSMC in general on the Pi here. I’d be interested if you could confirm/refute any of the points I listed on the Pi 3.

But how is the speed ? Does it really make a noticeable difference ? Is it worth it ?

Raspberry Pi 3’s new CPU performs 50-60 percent faster in 32-bit mode than that of the Raspberry Pi 2 and roughly ten times better than the original single-core Raspberry Pi.

Better CPU
The Pi 3 is based around a 64-bit processor, compared to the 32-bit CPU used in the Pi 2. The Pi 3’s processor is based on a newer architecture, the ARM Cortex A53, than that of the Pi 2’s processor, which is built around the ARM Cortex A7 core. This newer architecture is capable of carrying out more work per processor cycle. The Pi 3’s CPU is quad-core, like the Pi 2’s, but is faster - clocked at 1.2GHz, some 300 MHz higher than that of the Pi 2.

Better graphics
The Pi 3 uses the same VideoCore IV multimedia processor as the Pi 2 but is clocked at 400MHz, faster the 250 MHz processor in the Pi 2.

The Pi 3 Model B will be followed by a Pi 3 Model A, which will release in the middle of this year. Like the Pi 1 Model A, the board will be a version of the Pi 3 that has no Ethernet port and only one USB port but that sells for a cheaper price. Upton points out, however, that the lack of Ethernet and single USB will be compensated for in the Pi 3 Model A by the inclusion of wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Thanks for the reply. I know about the technical differences, i mean more like Kodi differences. (Raspberry Pi 3 Vs Pi 2 || KODI Comparison - YouTube)

but yeah @ggansde , dont despair. I am pretty sure these problems will be fixed with a future update.

After another clean install everything is fine now.

A Pi 3A might really be interesting for simple streaming applications, radios, weatherstations and so on.
Hope it will still have a GB of RAM.