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Hi everyone, I know some of you were expecting a final release, however it’s important we get things right. As such, we’ve decided to label this build a Release Candidate but we are expecting that this build will provide an upgrade path to the final version of OSMC. With this build we’ll be evaluating our…



german weather-forecast for sunday says “rainy” (shitty) … so perfect timing to release the RC. A full day of eating Schnitzel and fiddling around with the new RC. :wink:

Thanks Sam and to your Team for the work done.


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Can’t wait to try it out…

I know that a fresh image is needed if you’re on alpha4 but any chance it is not needed and still be on the upgrade path to final, if I started from OSMC_TGT_rbp2_20150304.img.gz and have done dist-upgrades every couple days.


You’ll need a fresh install. The early March builds were internal builds and we aren’t able to provide an upgrade path for them as they’re not something we maintain (we just use them for testing)


Thanks I just wasn’t sure because when I “cat /etc/os-release” it even refers to it as a “Release Candidate” with version being 0.9.8

The official Release Candidate should show as version 0.9.9


As the swedish celebrity Gert Fylking used to shout at the announcment of the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature; Äntligen! (Finally!) although not sarcasticly meant now :wink:

I just finished my OSMC, installed all plugins, services, torrent etc when I saw this announcement that I need a fresh install :slight_smile: Well shit happens, but if I remember correctly I read that Alpha 4 will have update path to next version.

Is it possible to use the Backup plugin to transfer settings and plugins from Alpha 4 to RC?

Thanks for the great work by the way :slight_smile:

After all the changes that have been made, a completely fresh install is recommended.

You did not read this from official sources. You’ll see this explicitly stated otherwise in quite a number of threads here.

You may be able to get away with copying the Kodi folder over, but I’d recommend you start fresh for the best experience.



In this blog https://osmc.tv/2015/02/osmc-alpha-4-is-here/ you says “With any luck, the you will be able to upgrade from Alpha 4 to the next release without any issues!” Just saying that it was “official” :slight_smile:

Ok so I shouldnt use the Backup plugin to transfer my Kodi settings to RC? I saw people used it when moving from Raspbmc to OSMC Alpha 1 so I thought it should work from Alpha 4 to RC. Thanks

Is something wrong with the installer. just downloaded and tried both RC and Alpha 4. Files are copied to formatted SD card, but all I get onscreen is the large colored box. Green LED on Pi blinks 7 times. Does nothing, no loading of OSMC or anything. Did not have a issue before? Tried to revert back to Alpha 4 using the same installer and same thing.

Are you using the official installer from Download - OSMC

Hi Bryan,

I can see from ‘kernel7.img’ that’s a Pi 2 image you’ve downloaded. Are you using a Pi 2? The LED blining 7 times means a kernel image was not found. This would be the case if you accidentally tried to boot a Pi2 image on Pi1 (as kernel7.img would exist, but Pi1 would ignore it and look for kernel.img instead)


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shrug Who knew software/operating systems development could be so finicky?!! :wink:
Of course we had high hopes when A4 was released.

Enjoy the RC though!

This should be OK


Yes, using the installer from the same link you provided (Windows version)

Hi Sam:

Aarrgh, I have a model B+ which looks the same as the 2. keeps getting mixed up. Will try again. Sorry for the stupidity on my part. :hushed:

Is it normal that when I click on Settings I only see these: Skin, International, File lists and Screensaver. Nothing more in that list.