OSMC (RP2) chrashes upon viewing pictures (large number in folder)

In principle, OSMC (latest version) works fine on my RP2, it’s a great tool that made my large amount of pictures/videos accessible again! However, it tends to crash upon manually viewing pictures (blue screen with sad smilie) if there are many items in a folder (e.g. 600). If I split them down into folders of 150 everything is fine … I am using an external Western Digital “WD Book” with 4TB (mounted via NTFS-3G, as there is also an owncloud running and as I want the drive to be accessible from Windows).

Maybe this relates to a similar issue on Vero?: Vero crashes when viewing pictures - #23 by makk509
Is this a known bug/problem?
It’s not a big issue, as splitting is no problem, just wanted to mention.

Thanks for a hint!

As it is written in the thread you have linked to this is a known Kodi issue