OSMC Splash Screen Tearing

Setting up a fresh install of OSMC on RPi2. I have a long standing issue of tearing on the OSMC splash screen at bootup. I am using a 1366x768 display. The issue only occurs on the splash screen.
This is obviously just a minor cosmetic issue but it would be nice to fix it while I’m setting up this fresh install.

Sounds related to Splash screen is damaged, but I don’t think anyone ever followed up with information we need to investigate.

Yes Sam, that is the issue.

If your display supports other resolutions then you might be able to side step the issue by setting hdmi_group and hdmi_mode so the RPi outputs a different resolution during boot. You could either manually edit the config.txt or do it from within the My OSMC add-on.

No one is providing the necessary details to look in to this further unfortunately.

Hi, I added the following lines to config.txt
This did actually fix the splash screen (no tearing) but produced the undesirable side-effect of restricting everything else also to 720p instead of full native resolution. I noticed that the settings in MyOSMC > PiConfig > Display picked up the settings from config.txt

That is just the boot resolution. If you set something else in Kodi for the UI I believe it should switch from one to the other when Kodi loads.