OSMC update destroys other programs running on RasPi

I actually have the same problem again which was the trigger, why I installed OpenHAB in a docker container. Cannot install Docker on Raspberry Pi2 with OSMC

The lastest Update process of OSMC to version 2020.10-1 destroyed other programs which were installed on the Raspberry Pi. I thought that was actually related to OpenHAB, that the program could not start after the OSMC update.
Now I have the same issue that the docker program does not start anymore after the OSMC update process. Anyone encountered similar problems? The update process seems to not work properly and interfere with installed programs.
OSMC Logs: https://paste.osmc.tv/uyidovaqal

Btw: great job for uploading the logs. That is really comfortable.

Well, I doubt if anything has been “destroyed” but it’s a great click-bait title.

Anyway, the problem is with a change introduced in Debian Buster. To fix it, you’ll need to configure your system to use iptables-legacy. Follow the instructions in this post:

reboot and see if that fixes things.

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Thank you very much. That actually solved the problem.
Great support in that forum.

Just for my understanding:
I was able to find out what the iptables is doing and that there was a renaming/new version. What I did not understand is: is it a lack of the OSMC system or should that be fixed within newer versions of docker? so probably I will stumble over the same setting again in the future when doing an update?

It’ll require an updated kernel to use the new “iptables” (called nftables).

Thank you as well (I was wondering why shorewall stopped working… switching to -legacy fixed it).