OSMC update on Raspy 2 and 3 replaces Confluence skin


I was just wondering if it is intentional or a bug that on all my Raspi2 and 3 devices, after installing the update for Kodi v17, my Confluence skin was replaced with a default one that didn’t allow to use file-based operation (only library based, which is not what I want, I prefer to browse files).

Had to download and install Confluence again and activate it, no big deal, nut not very user friendly…

That is mentioned in the faq that is pinned at the top if the forum.

Confluence is replaced by the default osmc skin to assure compatibility.
You can reinstall it though or use the new kodi standart skin Estruary.

Either add the folder once to library with content “no” that allows you to use them in file mode or add a file mode menu