OSMC update to Buster


I just accidentally upgraded my OSMC on Vero 4k to Debian Buster and It seems fine. Will we have this update officially soon?


Debian Buster isn’t supported and we still build using a Stretch toolchain.

I don’t think this will work properly.
We will update to Buster early next year



It would be quite interesting to understand how such a thing could occur on accident?


I was trying to update a single package from Buster repo, by setting a pin priority to it. I didn’t do that and removed the pin config of apt at the end, but I forgot to remove the sources.list.d entry.


Out of curiosity: which package was this?


That was rclone, because the version in Stretch is not integrated with Nextcloud.


Having a newer mediainfo is another reason to pull some packages from Buster.

oldstable: 0.7.91-1 
stable: 18.12-2 

The version available for the Vero4k prints nothing and exits 1 for most of the files.

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It will only print nothing on files over 4GB.