OSMC update to Buster

I just accidentally upgraded my OSMC on Vero 4k to Debian Buster and It seems fine. Will we have this update officially soon?

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Debian Buster isn’t supported and we still build using a Stretch toolchain.

I don’t think this will work properly.
We will update to Buster early next year


It would be quite interesting to understand how such a thing could occur on accident?


I was trying to update a single package from Buster repo, by setting a pin priority to it. I didn’t do that and removed the pin config of apt at the end, but I forgot to remove the sources.list.d entry.

Out of curiosity: which package was this?

That was rclone, because the version in Stretch is not integrated with Nextcloud.

Having a newer mediainfo is another reason to pull some packages from Buster.

oldstable: 0.7.91-1 
stable: 18.12-2 

The version available for the Vero4k prints nothing and exits 1 for most of the files.


It will only print nothing on files over 4GB.

Any news on updating to Buster?

Not yet - there is no immediate need to do so, and plenty of other important stuff to get solved first.

So outta curiosity how much is still left until Buster can be used ?

I haven’t started working on it yet. It’s low priority.

well true you got until 2022 to drop stretch, the only thing im missing is lz4 support for zram-config but ill survive until buster is in place

It won’t be that long. But I want to finish Pi4 support first.

have the rpi foundation resolved the hardware acceleration yet for rpi4 ?

The V4L2 approach needs changes to Kodi and ffmpeg. It will take a while.

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if these V4L2 changes in Kodi (&the linux kernel?) are not yet available how do you like to finish the Pi4 support? Will it not be a full support in the beginning?

I am curious because I am waiting for both Buster and Pi4. But I personally would need Buster first because I use my OSMC installation also for other projects for which I would need the updated software overall stack from Buster.

As I understand it when the Pi4 is supported by OSMC performance is likely to be worse than running OSMC on a Vero 4K + or the Pi3 as the Kodi changes to enable all the existing OSMC features are not in place yet. This will get better over time but not initially

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There will be software based decoding only using ffmpeg.

Then @gmc nightlies will introduce HW acceleration.

I’ve been using OSMC for 2-3 years now on a Pi3/2/1 and love it - many thanks for all the work.

On my Pi3 I also have Domoticz (home automation) installed and the two have been running fine for ages. The recent Domoticz update now requires Debian Buster so I can no longer run the two programs together if I want to keep them both up to date. I fully understand that you have other things to concentrate on like Pi4 compatibility, etc.

Just wondered if you can help with this:
If I amend my /etc/apt/sources.list file to update all the sources except the OSMC one from “stretch” to “buster”, then will OSMC continue to work or would this completely mess things up?

Many thanks and keep up the great work!